Leadpages makes it possible for you to create, host high-converting landing pages.


Add these landing pages to your WordPress site and build out entire websites for your project with leadpages. You can create a landing page and host it on LeadPages and doesn’t require any technical know-how.


The tutorial is going to explain to you how you can use Leadpages and you can look at all the listed featured and what’s in it for you.


  • A Notable And Robust Library Of Customizable Templates 

Leadpages has a number of templates for you to use and edit. The templates are easy to customize and you can use them to create landing pages that convert highly

  • Conversion Tools 

With landing page building, it’s also possible for you to create popups and add them to your website and generate more leads.

It’s also possible for you to create popups and alert boxes and add them to your siute and get more leads.

  • Modern Page Editor 

With the drag and drop editor you can customize landing pages as you like. You can start from scratch or use the templates and customize.

With the modern editor it’s super easy to customize pages any way you want them.


Split Testing 

Create a split test design to verify audience response. Quit the guesswork and work according to trends to generate leads and target a bigger audience.


Numerous Integration Options 

Leadpages partnership with third party services including email tools and processors and social media advertising gives you plenty of options.


It hardly matters what you’re selling, or what you want to do be it growing the list, getting registrations or more, Leadpages has everything.


  • Leadpages has a number of highly editable templates you can use for multiple projects
  • The user friendliness ensures it’s way less trouble than using a landing page editor
  • You don’t need a wordpress site
  • Leadpages has in built a/b testing tool for real time feedback on page designs
  • The optimization tool on Leadmeter offers feedback on page designs
  • The checkouts feature lets you sell products directly from the page
  • Leadpages doesn’t charge by percentage of traffic or leads
  • Cheaper compared to Instapage and Unbounce.
  • Has  14-day trial for you to test all features and see if they deliver on the promises


  • The builder prevents creative freedom
  • The lead meter doesn’t function on all templates
  • It’s pricy and simplest plugin on offer

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How To Make The Best Use Of Leadpages Templates?


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Leadpages has more than a few templates for you to use.

There are 150 plus templates to choose from. They come with designa nd serve features in a number of different industries.

If looking for a landing page for product listings or pricing then a fre landing page creation is possible.

If you want a landing page for product listing and pricing then you have template for that. You need to click, edit the template according to what you want and then you’re on your way to build a high converting landing page.


Leadpages offers high converting templates in the standard and drag and drop format

The templates come wth plenty of customizations. The templates can save you time. You need to know the downside of using these templates though.

How To Get Started With Leadpages? 

The templates are useful when getting leads and generating sales for the business. To choose the best option you might need to go through the entire collection of templates. This can waste your time too. You need the questionnaire when you sign up for the Leadpages program. You can then use the suggested templates afterwards to choose the best option for you.

THe questions are simple and help you narrow down the number of options letting you choose the best possible template.

The quick start wizard lets you choose from a number of templates. These options improve the speed of your decision-making as well. If you want to look at the entire collection of templates you can click on the browse all templates link.

Once you choose the template you gt to the content editor where you can choose the customization process.

Steps To Build A Landing Page Using Leadpages

  1. Visit leadpages to start designing your landing page
  2. When you go to the homepage you’re given between two options



If you’ve signed up for the free trial or have an account with Leadpages click on login at the top right corner of the page

Fill in the credentials here with which you registedd and click on login

YOu can choose to go with the free trial option

Click on the start free trial button

  1. Choose the package based on either the month to month option or the annual option
  • In the next option, enter contact details and other information
    • Save


  1. Enter your card details and get going with the free trial. You’re not going to be charged with the 14 days of free trial. Cancel the plan in those 14 days if you don’t want to incur a charge./
  2. Once you went through login, get started building high converting landing pages
  3. Go to the create new landing page button at the top right corner
  4. Save
  5. Once you click the button go and select a template on preference. The pre built sections in templates like navigation, footer and widgets can be edited or customized.
    • Save
  6. Give your page a name and click “Continue.”

    • Save
  7. Click on the “Page Types” button in the top left corner of the page. Here you will see various categories based on types and industries for templates. These categories make navigating easier. If, for example, you need to build a landing page for your consultancy, you only need to search “consultation” and choose from the available options under it.

    • To preview this template click on the view button on the template. This helps you make sense of the template looks and how to view it from customer perspective
  8. Once you pick the template go to editing it. The template is for reference.
  9. Now you choose the template and click on use this template at the top right corner of hte page.
  10. Continue editing and customizing the template./

    • Save
  11. Next, name the page you want to build. This helps you identify all the pages you want to create. Click on Continue next.
  12. The template gets displayed on the screen./
  13. Edit the template of your choosing. Before proceeding further, let;’s go into the detail of some features that can come handy when editing. If you need help from leadpages click the button on the right corner with the issue.

  15. When choosing the help option, you get options to connect with the support team at lead pages. Talk with the representatives open the ticket and find a solution in the FAQs.
  • Save
  1.  You can see a button with the two arrows on the extreme right corner. WIth this you can undo or redo the last action.
  1. Towards the extreme left there’s a dashboard that says layout. The layout option lets you customize the settings for all sections. You can change the width as well as the height of the rows, change the pictures, improve the layout and rename sections.

    • Save
  2. Each template design has a number of units sections. THe headers, footers and text style and column vary with each template. Once you select the layout option you can see the sections for the particular template. You can find it next to the name of the section.
  3. If you want to rename click on the pencil section and identify pages that you create and edit them.

    • Save


  1. Upon renaming the section click on, “Save.” I have renamed all the sections of the landing page in the example shown above. I have created the basic copywriting structure, which starts with the headline, sub-headline, chapters, FAQs, call to action, and a footer. 


  1. If you don’t need the section of a particular template you can delete it by clicking the trash icon next to it.
  1. To rearrange the sections click on the six dots. Drag and drop to wherever you want the new section to be.

    • Save
  2. Add as many sections you want. Click on the add a section option at the bottom of the page. Add up to 6 columns in each row.

    • Save

  3. The key to an audience is Simplicity. Don’t overwhelm audiences by creating too many sections,. Keep things simple.
  1. As soon as you customize and edit the page, click on the preview button to view how the page looks like.

  3. Once you viewed the page, hit publish and get the page going live.

    • The job doesn’t end there. Click to add your domain and slough the page url to get things published.

How To Use Leadpages To Curate Your Entire Website? 

Similar to services offered by Wix and Squarespace you have the option to build an entire site with lead magnet landing pages

One advantage with the feature for WordpRess users and others alike is the option of a conversion oriented website in minutes.


ONce your page starts getting a good response you can then proceed to build a full featured WordPress website.

When you manage to build a site or generate leads or sell a product you can expand on the existing concept.


On the flipside if the response isn’t idea, you can fix the wordpress website. This helps you save time.


The leadpages site builder is a feature because of the huge number of templates that you can use. Even if you need something basic, Leadpages is enough.

Check out the templates to build your entire site.

  • Save

The process of creating a website with leadpages is similar to creating individual landing pages.

The difference is you get a menu of sitewide settings and navigation menus.

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Conversion Tool By Leadpages

Beside the landing page option you get a slew of options like alert boxes, option texts and trigger links to optimize conversions. The conversion tools often are an addon to the existing wordpress site. Instead of getting a tool like thrive leads or optinmonster you can use leadpages as an optin form builder.

How To Create A Leadbox With Leadpages 

THe leadpages pop ups called leadboxes are present everywhere. THey are compact and popups can assist you generate more leads.


With a few minutes you can generate these lead boxes with automated testing.

The lead boxes will power lead generation and skyrocket visitor interest.


Leadboxes work by catching the interest of visitors. It improves user engagement within the website.\


You can set up these popups to appear in a number of different ways.

  • When user clicks on the button
  • On a timer


You can connect with your esp so that you know when new subscribers are added to the mailing list.

To create a leadbox you can use the drag and drop builder. You can see the changes in the widgets and navigation options.

When you puiblish the leadbox in leadpages you can choose how it can be triggered.

They are:

  • Plain text link
  • Button link
  • Image link
  • Timed popup
  • Exit-intent popup

With these options you can integrate a leadbox generate through the content which isn’t a leadpages landing page.

YOu can use this option to track each site visitor’s interaction with the popup you choose. You can trigger the GA event to analyze the leadbox performance.


You can use GA analytics to analyze the performance of the leadbox. You can analyze the popup affecting the engagement and review it accordingly.

How To Create Alert Bars With Leadpages?

Have you seen the little bars at the top of the screen that provide free products as you announce a sale?

These are alert bars. Leadpages score them 9/10 on the deparmte. These are essential to your success with the tool. Designing these alert bars is easy. With leadpages you can create no intrusive alerts that can get the attention of your audience.


The alert bars are easy to design. These Are instruction guides that help you with this.


Tho create the alert bars choose the premade template layout and customize the text when required.

Once you choose a template publish the alert bar to any landing page and create with leadpages.

What Do You Have To Do With Leadlinks And Leaddigits?

LeadLinks or email trigger links are a feature that allows prospects to check the promotions with one click.

WIth lead clicks you can enter the link in the email and as soon as they click on the link they are signed up to the list without any new things needed from them.

  • Save

Once you click you’re registered. It’s a wa of ryou to target more audiences.

The leaddigits feature by leadpages is another cool feature with which you ca  reach the audience that spend most time on phone.s

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Most people prefer texts to emails.. The leaddigitals let you collect phone numbers of prospects You can then obtain signups a-coupons and promote your business

Leadpages Integrations

Leadpages integrations is one handy functionality with leadpages. Not many landing page editors integrate with either social media or payment gateways or with the crm/

With the leadpages integration you can connect your landing page with any email service provider, you can connect with webinar,s payment tools and analytics.

A/B Testing

Plain theory isn’t useful in this business. You cannot simply create  landing page and hope tog generate leads.

It’s simply not done. You want to control the page replicate wna tweak things.

You can control the atraffic with a/btesting and use advanced features.

Customer Service Offered By Leadpages

Unlike other companies that offer chatbots with support, leadpages will provide help behind the scnes. These have an enormous library of resources and knowledge base to provide a solution.

The customer service is promt and there you get good epxerienc.e

Pricing options with leadpages

You have the option to try leadpages within 14 days free of charge.

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The standard bills at %$26 per month billed manually and $37 per month otherwise

The pro plan can support t3 sites and charges $48 p[er month


The advanced plan supports a maximum of 50 sit4es.

It costs $199 per month and th charges are $320


The low pisces is available at $15 [er month.

Let us know in the comments below.

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