Best ways to capture email leads

Best ways to capture email leads For successful businesses online their most revenue-generating customers live in on their email lists. An email list gives you a number of possibilities as a marketer. You can tap to the power of your list anytime you want, generate conversions, tally conversations and drive traffic. This post is all […]

10 ways to get more podcast subscribers

  10 ways to get more podcast subscribers   Choose your niche wisely Just like starting a blog, starting a podcast is no big deal. That means most people might not succeed with podcasting. Yet, we keep hearing big stats around podcasting. Yep, the numbers are indeed huge. There are several thousand podcasts available and […]

Blubrry coupon get first month free [JANUARY 2021]

Blubrry Podcast Hosting Features Here’s the link to sign up If you’re here for the coupon use the coupon blupod to get your first month free. Link to sign up. Blubrry has a lot of features that make it an ideal platform to host your podcast. You can host unlimited downloads with the tool The […]

How to calculate your landing page Conversion Rate and Improve them

How to calculate your landing page Conversion Rate? This post is all about deciding what landing page conversions are and how you can calculate the same. Depending on what you’re selling and how big your business is, you may have one or a dozen different landing pages. These are all opportunities. If you driving traffic […]

Amazon affiliate marketing GUIDE

Amazon affiliate marketing GUIDE   Any site that makes the majority of its income via affiliate marketing is called an amazon niche site. In this post we are going to look at several ways you can market and drive traffic to your Amazon niche site.   Building links and bringing targeted traffic to an Amazon […]

Smart Podcast Player- Fusebox Review Best Podcast player JANUARY 2021

There’s so much to talk about the Smart podcast Fusebox player for podcasts. It’s a WordPress plugin with which you can display podcast episodes on your site. With branding and lead generation options its way out of the regular league of podcast players that you usually see.   Get 33% off on the smart podcast […]