Why do you need to start a podcast?

Almost everyone has a podcast. That doesn’t mean you too should start podcasting but if you did here’s the complete guide on what you must do to get things right. To be successful remember that podcasting is the long game.   To be honestly succeeding with this, ask if you’re a good speaker. Podcasting isn’t […]

Subscribers Tutorial: How to Set up Free Push Notifications on Your Website

With this plugin you can set up free push notifications for your website or for your blog. Push notifications are one of the greatest biggest features you can use to generate continued engagement for your website and get visitors to it. It’s a perfect solution for marketers to track the status of orders and to […]

YouTube Keyword Research–Find Video Ideas

YouTube comes after Google as the second biggest search engine in the world. Having a presence on YouTube means you have access to ready high-converting traffic for your business. In other words: This is a guide with all the YouTube keyword research hacks you need to succeed. #1- Find Video Keywords This tactic can be […]

Complete guide to SEO Topical optimization

Do you know what topical optimization is and how it can help you? With this post you will get to know all the benefits surrounding topical optimization and how it can help and propel your brand higher.   What does topical optimization mean? Let’s say you start ranking some page on Google. When that happens, […]