Flywheel Black friday deal and discount 2020 Free 3 months

FlyWheel Black Friday Deal 2020 – [Get 3 Months Free Hosting] Here’s the flywheel hosting black friday deal you have been waiting for. Flywheel does one thing- it’s the managed host for WordPress. The speed of the sites and their performance is great as a result. Page load times are a critical factor that determine […]

How to have an editorial calendar on your WordPress blog

An editorial calendar helps you accomplish a number of things including staying organized and quickly understanding everything you need to write on. If there are guest bloggers on your site you have a quick view of everything else people are working on and stay organized in that respect. This post is all about showing you […]

Kwfinder review and discount coupon 2020

About KWFinder KWfinder is one of the 5 tools that consist of the Mangools tool package. KWfinder is a keyword research tool with which you find high volume keywords with low competition. As an overview you get search trends around the keyword you entered, you get suggestions on search volumes and other functionalities. The interface […]

Make money from blog without ads

This guide is designed to help you Make money from a blog without ads As a blogger, you might find yourselves somewhat lost to find an avenue to make money without using any ads. But this post is exactly that, helping you score big without ads. That’s not because there aren’t any great networks that […]

How to make a blog on blogspot and make money

How to make a blog on BlogSpot and make money I will go on a limb here but the odds are that you started blogging because you heard somewhere its an easy way to make money. Start a blog. Get some traffic. Slap some ads. And voila you will be sipping pina coladas on a […]

How to use the Advanced ads plugin to display ads on your site

How to use the Advanced ads plugin to display ads on your site If you run Google AdSense on your site, you need something to eke the most juice out of it. You need to be able to drive the highest clicks and the most revenue possible with what you start. And it’s possible to […]

Keyword research and content generation ideas with these tools

In this post we’re going to discuss several tools that you as a blogger can use to get the better deal and create rocking content. Each of these tools helps you go to places and get something done for your blog.   Use answer the public tool   This is one of the greatest tools […]

Copywriting Strategies To Grow your blog and business

If you want more sales and many more leads you must use the power of copywriting to come through. With copywriting you’re constantly improving the number of leads generated and get more sales as well. And that’s precisely what I’m giving you today. A short and sweet headline The headline needs to succinctly explain what […]