Best appsumo deals [DECEMBER] 2021

Best appsumo deals  10 AppSumo Deals in November 2020 1. ShortPixel ShortPixel is one of the best image compressions tools you will find online. It has saved tons and tons of GBs for people running WordPress sites ShortPixel is powered by technology that can compress images by over 90%. Whether it be jpeg, png, gif, […]

Creative Lead Generation Ideas

Create an Interactive Tool There’s a reason brands like HubSpot and Unbounce create so many tools. Tools can power interactive ideas that result in leads. There’s the free keyword tool on WordStream which people can use to generate free keywords. When Neil Patel bought UberSuggest and rebranded it as he kept most features free […]

How to display personalized website content to different visitors

How to display personalized website content to different visitors There are hundreds of reasons to love and prefer working with WordPress. In this post, we are going to look at ways to display personalized web content to users on the WordPress site. But before that, we will see why we would like to do that. […]

Interact coupon and discount 15% off on all plans

Interact was formerly known as Tryinteract. And I believe their blog still goes by TryInteract. Anyway the name interact is much shorter and easier to remember and probably that’s why they made the Switch from Tryinteract. So much so for the name. What’s tryinteract? It’s an online quiz building tool. Deploy the tool to build […]

What is Unbounce Landing Page Builder and what it can do for you in 2021

What is Unbounce Landing Page Builder and what it can do for you in 2021 Have you ever wondered what’ is Unbounce? You’re in luck. Because today I’m going to answer you that question. Unbounce is a great landing page builder, in fact one of the oldest landing page builders in circulation. That implies there’s […]

Linkwhisper Review 2021

  Linkwhisper review   Linkwhisper is one of those plugins that you need to vastly improve your WordPress blog. How? By automating internal link building. This review is all about managing WordPress links internally with a link management plugin. Internal links are great at boosting your site seo. What is Linkwhisper WordPress plugin: Linkwhisper is […]

Unbounce vs Instapage: Which is Better Review (DECEMBER 2021)

Both Unbounce and Instapage are popular landing page builders available online. They are swelling with features and get sales and traffic for you.   They are both pretty popular and have tons of users. Rich with features and software that will allow you to create landing pages targeted at all funnel stages, they’re the perfect […]