How to calculate your landing page Conversion Rate and Improve them

How to calculate your landing page Conversion Rate? This post is all about deciding what landing page conversions are and how you can calculate the same. Depending on what you’re selling and how big your business is, you may have one or a dozen different landing pages. These are all opportunities. If you driving traffic […]

Smart Podcast Player- Fusebox Review Best Podcast player JANUARY 2021

There’s so much to talk about the Smart podcast Fusebox player for podcasts. It’s a WordPress plugin with which you can display podcast episodes on your site. With branding and lead generation options its way out of the regular league of podcast players that you usually see.   Get 33% off on the smart podcast […]

Set up Custom Robots Header Tags on Blogger (Blogspot) 2021

Guide to setting up Custom Robots Header Tags on Blogger (Blogspot) 2021 As a blogger user or Blogspot blogger you might always think of the blog as something less when it comes to search engine optimization. Your fears are not unfounded. However there are certain things you can do to optimize the blog for search […]

CleanTalk Review

In this post we’re going to go through CleanTalk and see how it’s a great tool. CleanTalk is a highly effective spam filter, that prevents spam bots from accessing your site. Most spam protection plugins start operation at the site level. That means you’re wasting precious bandwidth on bots.  CleanTalk is different. How? CleanTalk has […]