Thinkific Pricing Plans

Thinkific Pricing Plans

Thinkific is another cool course creation platform, Its flexible pricing and the number of features available make it a great choice for creating online courses. In this section we are going to examine Thinkific’s pricing plans. It offers a free plan with  a basic, pro and premier plans that range from $39 to $399 per month.

You can access additional features on each tier as you begin to move up.


What are Thinkific’s pricing plans? Thinkific offers a free plan, as well as paid Basic, Pro, and Premier plans ranging from $39 to $399 per month. You gain access to additional features for each tier you move up. The Growth package is necessary at the top of the basic plan for extra features.

One common question with Thinkific is helping decide which plan is apt for them.


So here’s a brief outline of the benefits you’re going to get with each plan. From then on you can choose the plan as per your requirements.


Thinkific’s Free Plan

The free plan is a great way to understand Thinkific in greater detail and understand how the platform operates and what its core features are.

The plan is however limited. You can only add up to 3 courses. You also don’t get plenty of other features like certificates, sales funnels, content drip features, certificates and more features such as this.

You can’t offer an affiliate program or tie this up with email service provider to send information to students on this.

Thinkific’s free plan has no transaction fees. So you can start selling courses without shelling a penny of any kind of fees. So if you’re new to creating and selling courses, this is something worth knowing.

You will be able to get the one with the lowest fee.

If you are serious with Thinkific on selling courses, you should be able to upgrade to a paid plan lot sooner. If you want to market your products actively this is the one step to take.


I am going to take an indepth look at Thinkific and see how it has turned to one of the most popular online course platforms.


Thinkific’s Basic Plan

Thinkific pricing

The basic plan costs $39 per month.

Similar to most platforms, the price assumes you pay annually than paying monthly which will help you save 20% on any Thinkific plan.

The plan gives you everything you need to launch and sell your first course.

It has everything the free plan has. Plus you get a number of unlimited courses and can drip or scheudle the entire course content.

You can also integrate with Aweber, Converkit, COnstant Contact and Mailchimp on this plan.

Send out emails to students. You can use Zapier to integrate with third-party tools. You can also use Zapier that allows you to integrate with plenty of other third-party tools as well.

The most basic thing with the basic plan is that you get extra marketing tools. You can use a custom domain. You can use coupons and do affiliate marketing to promote the courses.

This is essential if you want to start driving traffic to your courses.

Even with the basic plan you don’t get a lot of tools the platform has. This is ok considering the loow price point.


The pro plan on Thinkific

The pro plan costs $79 per month and according to Thinkific this is the most popular plan they have.


This is why because you get access to a full suite of tools that you can use to build and maintain the course sales business.

There are more features you get with the Pro plan compared to what the basic plan might offer. That’s the reason plenty of people get behind the line for the Pro plan.

You get memberships and bundles. This is critical as memberships help you understand how to earn recurring revenue. Bundles help you combine different products. 


Memberships and bundles offer you a critical revenue stream and bundles are useful at upselling to existing customers.

You can also use advanced pricing. There’s free, one-time payments, subscriptions and more choices.


Thinkific Quizzes

You can also get access to advanced quiz features as well as assignments on the plan. Offer course completion certificates to students who complete the course.

The pro plan enables you to createone communtiy. This boosts engagement and interaction.

Uf you want to do some advanced customization, you need the help of the Pro plan.

WIth the plan you can edit html, css use custom themes, create members-only pages, plus there are more ways to customize student experience.


You also get 2 site admin accounts, 5 author accounts. The pro plan is a great choice to deliver the content and not deliver it yourself.


Thinkific’s Premier Plan

If you thought the basic and pro was a significant difference in pricing, the premier plan is somewhat much more expensive. It costs nothing less than $399 per month and is probably only necessary if you’re running a course empire.


It’s an option for you as an advanced user. If you want to deliver a staggering variety of courses, this is a really cool option for you to start considering.


If you want to deliver online education without limitations, this is a choice worht concering yourselves with.

Beside that all the features of the pro plan ranging from unlimited courses to students and the premier are likely to help with the admin level access of your business.

You get 5 admin accounts, 15 group analysts and 50 course admin accounts.

You can create a catalog of instructors and courses that are very much similar to what you get on Udemy.


As you sign up for the Premier plan you get access to a onboarding package with onboarding call and training plus a launch preparedness review as well.


You also get unlimited access to the growth package feature.


The Growth Package

Thinkfic’s pricing plan is a bit more complex than most other platforms because of the growth package you have. You need this addon in addition to what you get on the pro plan.

If you want to choose the growth package, that might be around .1 per active student. First 100 students are free of charge and then you’re charged $499 per month. You need this package to remove thinkfici branding and white label your course.

You also need to send emails to multiple students at once through the THinkific dashboard.

When you email students on the Pro you can only send individual emails without using the extra package.

It’s necessary for advanced integrations that are using webhooks or api access to integrate with either unfusionsoft or with activecampaign.

If you need more than a single community for the courses you need this package to forge new communities. You get access to Brillium exams through the growth package using which you can always create new ones.

You can also put up attempt caps, and time limits. You can easily import students through csv or xlsx files, bulk enrol students and do more such things.

You can get by without the growth package. If you need features the package it’s worth considering before signing up to THinkific.

If you have thousands of active students you’re charged hundreds of thousands of more dollars per month on top of the base plan.



Thinkific is exiting because of the number of features and all the different pricing plans you have on offer. The free plan is generous and gives access to several features. The basic, pro and premium plans are accessible to you with a number of features.


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