SEMrush vs Moz Best seo tool DECEMBER 2021

SEmrush vs Moz 

There’s only so much you can do with free tools. If you’re running an online business you need tools for competitor analysis. You need to outdo your competitors and perform better than them.

In this post we are going to see how Moz compares to SEMrush and what are the features of the tool.

Moz, formerly known as SEOMoz and SEMrush come to mind. Both these tools offer unique and overlapping features that set them apart in their own right.

In this head to head battle between Moz and SEMrush we will compare both the tools to see which one is better.

In this post I will be comparing both tools on their strengths and tell you which one you are supposed to purchase among the two.

The tools help you form deeper insights into competitor strategies, help you analyze competition, find what they are doing to succeed and everything else in between.

It’s possible you tested these tools yourself or are biased towards one tool in particular this guide will help you make a decision and guide you to make the best decision based on what your core interests and needs are. To that end I request that you read the post in its entirety and make a decision only after that.

SEMrush: What is it, what is it good for and what’s the pricing?

This section is all about learning more on SEmrush. Let’s go over SEmrush’s strengths and weaknesses as an SEo tool. We will also see its pricing and how much you need to pay.

SEMrush does it all ranging from—keyword research, competitor keyword research, competitor ad reporting, full-fledged SEO reports—almost 40 tools are bundled into one/. A few years earlier, SEMRush added India to its database of countries for which you could track rankings for.

Click here to sign up for the free 7 day trial.

A bird’s eye view of the feature set

  • The tool is an absolute gem at generating relevant keyword ideas in minutes. With the tool you have access to informational queries, long tail keywords and also for buyer intent keywords.
  • The tool hands down all seo issues over to you
  • With the tool you can compare all domains and see what they’re good at.
  • You discover all links to a site.
  • You get an estimate of visitors to a site.


SEMrush also provides ranking databases for Bing. Bing should be your marketing arsenal because the traffic is of better quality.

Click here to sign up for the 7 day trial.

SEMRush offers a free 7 day trial for $99 pro plan. Also for the guru plan.

Once logged in you see a search bar. Enter your competitor domain and start finding data on them immediately with the tool.

On the search bar you can start by entering the page url, the keyword or the domain. You get rankings and data on particular page in return.

There are over 132 countries’ database to choose from. More countries are being added every now and then.

With the tool you get results like the paid search data for instance CrazyEgg currently advertises for 126 keywords that contribute 2500 in monthly traffic. There’s a backlink report as well that shows whopping 1.4 million links.

You also see the organic list of keywords the site ranks for and the list of organic competitors to the site. You see the ad copy too.

You see the keyword difficulty rating for each keyword, you search volumes, CPC and the url that rank for particular keywords as well.


You can also set the filters to find low competition or long tail keywords. The search volumes aren’t going to be high on those keywords but that doesn’t matter. These are keywords you can realistically expect to rank for.

You will also get other keywords that wouldn’t have made part of your research that will bring more and more traffic to you.

Optimizing blog posts with long tail keywords gets you high search intent traffic that you can get higher conversions from.

There are even more tools that are extremely helpful.

Site Audit

The site audit presents a true picture of the issues plaguing your site. Once you are aware of the issues, fix them to get more traffic.

The tool gives you  list of errors, warnings around your site and notices to pay heed to. You get the crawlability score of the site and gives in detail if there are any coverage issues. That way you understand which things to take care of first.

  • You get a list of missing tags
  • Get report on missing titles, meta descriptions, html tags and other issues.
  • Link out all broken images and missing alt tags.
  • Get a list of 404 error pages


You get a health score that’s deduced based on the number  of errors on the site. Once you have fixed those issues you can run the report once again to understand if there was an improvement or not.

Rank Tracking

SEMrush offers rank tracking for 100 keywords. Accurate rankings.

Backlink Audit

The feature lets you get a list of backlinks to you own site, your competitor sites and any site yo can imagine. You also get to knowthe ways with how competitors acquire new links and set up new link campaigns based on that. Link monitoring is another aspect because your competitors could easily build negative links to your site.

Tht loses rankings.

  1. Pro starts at $99.95 per month
  2. Guru starts at $199.95 per month and is for someone who runs multiple sites
  3. Business account starts at $399.95. All agencies will find this useful.

Comparing trial period

SEMrush offers a limited 7 day trial. Moz offers a fully functional 30 day trial.

Moz: What’s it, what does it do, and how much does it cost?

Moz was developed by Rand Fishkin who ultimately quit his position at Moz to start another company and blog.

Here’s what inside Moz

Keyword Explorer – The keyword explorer is a proprietary keyword research tool by team Moz.

MozBar – The moz site explorer where you could plug in a site and get all the metrics around a site is replaced by Moz Bar. it’s a chrome extension that’s also free. You also get details like Page authority and domain authority. You get the number of links to the site too.

The biggest factor going for you is that most of the free tools on the web use Moz api to scour data and get all these metrics for free. 

Moz is expensive and doesn’t truly generate a picture of the data you need. The cheaper alternatives like SEMrush do more for what they charge. 


The backlink checker isn’t that great when it comes to link checking and doesn’t present a majority of links for you to see.

Moz offers content on SEo that can be accessed for free.

If you want an everyday seo tool that can be scaled to answer everyday seo needs, SEMrush is the tool for choice. The tool is great at finding keywords competitors rank for, their backlinks and plain old keyword research. The topic explorer and other tools help you research and frame content ideas in the right context.

Moz pricing is high but features not great.

Compared to SEmrush Moz offers full 30 day trial. The semrush trial offers just 5 searches per day and the advanced features are booted out against trial seekers. However Moz gives access to everything. However you don’t want to stay with a tool just because it offered a longer trial period.

You want the tool for its bigger features: keyword research, link tracking, monitoring all in one tool that keeps you updated on your competitor’s heartbeats.

Concluding thoughts

Semrush is is a powerful SEO tool that has everything you might ask it from. My final call would be to go for it.

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