How to use the best colors for your landing pages

The visual appearance, the colors on the site contribute in a big way to how customers identify with your site.  A whopping 42% of visitors base their purchase decision based on the site’s design alone. 52% didn’t return to the site because of poor design experience. If you want to sell, you better look good. […]

What is influencer outreach and how you can maximize this?

Influencer marketing and outreach is done with the goal of getting more sales and leads for the company. Influencers are people who have big audiences or small audiences and are ones who have a social following relevant to what you are doing. Influencer marketing is getting thrown around a lot and influencers are on all […]

How to do link search for link prospecting

What is Link Search?  Link search (or link prospecting) is one of the critical and first initiatives in the link acquisition process. Every link building tactic always start with finding links in a particular web place using free SEO tools and sorting those links in a spreadsheet based on the brand’s link standards. When conducting […]

Tools You Must Use to Build Better Landing Pages 

There are many tools available that can enlighten the choices you make for landing pages. There are tools with 100s of templates to choose from. Edit them any way you want and create your own landing page. Here’s a list of tools that can help you build a great landing page in minutes. Here’s another […]

Guide to a/b testing landing pages

Don’t be just another business that creates multiple landing pages and then forgets all about them. Don’t make assumptions regarding what will convert and what won’t.  You can go very wrong about this. That’s where A/B testing can help. An A/B test shows which version of a landing page can result in better clicks, higher […]

How to calculate your landing page Conversion Rate?

This post is all about deciding what landing page conversions are and how you can calculate the same. Depending on what you’re selling and how big your business is, you may have one or a dozen different landing pages. These are all opportunities. If you drive traffic from social media pages, the landing page conversion […]

Linkwhisper Review 2021

  Linkwhisper review   Linkwhisper is one of those plugins that you need to vastly improve your WordPress blog. How? By automating internal link building. This review is all about managing WordPress links internally with a link management plugin. Internal links are great at boosting your site seo. What is Linkwhisper WordPress plugin: Linkwhisper is […]

Amazon affiliate marketing GUIDE

Amazon affiliate marketing GUIDE   Any site that makes the majority of its income via affiliate marketing is called an amazon niche site. In this post we are going to look at several ways you can market and drive traffic to your Amazon niche site.   Building links and bringing targeted traffic to an Amazon […]