Smart Podcast Player- Fusebox Review Best Podcast player APRIL 2022

There’s so much to talk about the Smart podcast Fusebox player for podcasts. It’s a WordPress plugin with which you can display podcast episodes on your site. With branding and lead generation options its way out of the regular league of podcast players that you usually see.   Get two months free on Fusebox   […]

Blubrry coupon PROMO CODE get first month free [DECEMBER 2021]

Blubrry Podcast Hosting Features Here’s the link to sign up If you’re here for the coupon use the coupon blupod to get your first month free. Link to sign up. Blubrry has a lot of features that make it an ideal platform to host your podcast. You can host unlimited downloads with the tool The […]

Blubrry vs Buzzsprout podcast hosting 2021

  Who’s a podcast hosting service for? Those who want to start a podcast must start with a podcast host. The podcast host gives you RSS feeds to let listeners subscribe to the podcast. You can also submit these podcasts to directories. Podcast files being audio files require both big servers and ample bandwidth for […]

10 ways to get more podcast subscribers

  10 ways to get more podcast subscribers   Choose your niche wisely Just like starting a blog, starting a podcast is no big deal. That means most people might not succeed with podcasting. Yet, we keep hearing big stats around podcasting. Yep, the numbers are indeed huge. There are several thousand podcasts available and […]

Step by step guide to create podcast with blubrry hosting

40 million Americans regularly listen to podcasts. Podcasts are a growing content consumption medium. Instead of writing blog posts, adding images and linking out, just speak and your audience will listen. This is the magic of podcasting. Podcast listeners are highly engaged and are also action takers. So if you advertise or include a call […]

Make money from blog without ads

This guide is designed to help you Make money from a blog without ads As a blogger, you might find yourselves somewhat lost to find an avenue to make money without using any ads. But this post is exactly that, helping you score big without ads. That’s not because there aren’t any great networks that […]

Smart podcast player Fusebox AUGUST 2020 coupon

Fusebox podcast player is one of those plugins that’s a must-have if you’re podcasting. Now its called Smart podcast player. Created by Pat Flynn, with this plugin you’re in safe hands because Pat knows his stuff when it comes to podcasting. Without further ado, GET 33% off on the Smart Podcast Player. It’s a great […]

Why do you need to start a podcast?

Almost everyone has a podcast. That doesn’t mean you too should start podcasting but if you did here’s the complete guide on what you must do to get things right. To be successful remember that podcasting is the long game.   To be honestly succeeding with this, ask if you’re a good speaker. Podcasting isn’t […]