YouTube Keyword Research–Find Video Ideas

YouTube comes after Google as the second biggest search engine in the world.
Having a presence on YouTube means you have access to ready high-converting traffic for your business.
In other words:
This is a guide with all the YouTube keyword research hacks you need to succeed.
#1- Find Video Keywords
This tactic can be used to find out keywords from existing keywords. Through creativity you will be able to chance upon dozens of great keywords to use.
When you browse on search engines like Google you get the first page of SERPs full of videos. Often they are shown on second page. Regardless these are a goldmine of relevant keywords you can use.
Let’s say you’re searching for cooking or how-to videos.
You get a number of relevant results you can use to inform your search results.
Use answerthepublic tool
Answer the public is a great tool to understand more around keywords that people tend to form their questions around.
It’s a freemium tool and you get a ton of variations around questions that people use along with some volumes. That’s a great way to start the overall marketing trends around YouTube videos as well.
First you understand what people are searching for and you get more ideas and suggestions on what you can create for people and create that content for free as well.
All questions people are looking for answers can be provided easily with videos.
These questions can be discovered with Answerthepublic with great ease
Alphabetical everything else)

With this info it becomes easy to build the channel and the branding that leads to profits.
Such questions are evergreen and bring you traffic for years to come.
Use YouTube Suggest for keywords
YouTube just like Google has a keywords auto suggest feature built inside. The biggest benefit is with YouTube’s auto suggest feature you see all the keywords that are all relevant video keywords for you to use.
The Google ad youtube suggest features aren’t free though.
You have to sign up and spend some money on ads to use the feature. There are also several free tools that source the keywords from YouTube so you can use them too alternatively.
Use keyword
THe is a tool that scrapes YouTube’s auto suggest for you and delivers free keywords that you cna use readily.
You can use those keywords to inform your YouTube strategy.

WIth the tool, the greatest benefit is the huge number of long tail keywords you’re going to discover. It wouldn’t have had happened with any other tool. There are also downsides. The free account blocks access to several metrics available in paid account meaning you don’t get as much granular data as you’d have liked.
YOu don’t get to see competition numbers or search volumes.
Keyword surfer is a handy extension that offers the search volumes of these keywords.
#5- VidIQ
VidIQ collects data on YouTube usage and is a certified partner as well.
With this you get a good number of great keywords you can use.
If you search for a term on YouTube you get the data directly to understand how the keyword performs on search engines.
You get tags and you see which videos are doing ranking on SERPs.
The tool has a good keyword module and affordable pricing at 7.99 per month. The decision is great for video efforts.
YOu get competitive score
Search volumes
You get the length of the period the video has been live. The average subscriber count of channels and also related queries as well.
Tubebuddy is another great tool to use.
Try Keyword Tool Dominator
Keyword tool dominator is another great tool to use.
With the keyword tool dominator, find hundreds of long tail keywords that you can use to create videos and also use as tags on your videos.
Enter the seed keyword and you get a bunch of keywords to use readily.

Be a Video Tag Ninja
Basic YouTube SEO warrants that you need to use a number of video tags for your videos on YouTube.
In addition to this, have a good cool look at competitor SEO tags on YouTube and it gives you a splendid idea regarding the words that you must use in the title of the video.
This gives a great boost of the ranking of your videos. And it covers for more keywords.
The great and easy and stupid simple way to find these keywords is through the youtube source code on the relevant video page.

Do a ctrl and f and type keywords to use all the meta keywords used on the video page.
Also use the chrome vidq chrome extension. Download the extension and create an account that will tell you all kinds of relevant tag and data to use.

Use kparser video tag generator
Kparser helps you generate tons of video tags.
With this tool, you get a good idea regarding what your competitors are doing with respect to keyword research and you know how to guide your own efforts in the right direction.
With all the different video tags the tool gives you. With these video tags you get the most popular tags to add to your video.
You can discern and use the most popular ones for your videos and get them to be even more popular than they already are.
Also remember that video tag stuffing isn’t encouraged so steer clear of that as much as possible.

Go to reddit for more ideas
You may not know this but Reddit is a goldmine of video tag ideas you can use.

You need to go to the video sub reddit and discover key videos as is relevant to the niche. These should be videos that have performed really well in the past as well garnering hundreds of upvotes.

The popularity in reddit also speaks through to the internet in general.
The reddits have been popular because of this sole reason.
Steal Ideas From Competitors
There are tons of ideas you can get from competitors as well and that’s the number 1 way to guide your video efforts as well.
This is one of the best ways to get ideas and keywords from competitors.

Go to competitors and search for the relevant niche
Check the videos and sort them by how popular they are.
You get a list of great keywords to use.

These high video counts help you determine if these videos are going to be popular if you create content on the same topics. If so these topics are evergreen and will you a lot of potential to make great content.
Google Trends
Google Trends is a great feature that helps you measure the trends of popular videos and help you gauge their importance.
With Google trends you get a good idea regarding the popularity of keywords for over a decade. You see the waning or growing interest in the subject. You cann also get a granular view over past few months as well if you so wish. If the keyword is downward inclined that means the keyword may not be worth targeting at the moment.
If you’re optimzing videos then the trends are an important aspect to consider.

Trends also help you decide between two similar sounding keywords to understand which one is most popular among the two.

Use Keywords Surfer Free Extension
THere’s also the keywords surfer chrome extension that you can use to do keyword research.
Wth keyword surfer you get to see a number of relevant related keywords and their associated search engine volumes as well.
It’s a freemium tool giving you a number of keywords you can readily use to use the best quality keywords for your business.
If the keyword is popular on Google you can use it on videos.

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