Advanced ads review

In this post I am going to be talking about Advanced ads and why this is the plugin you must have on your WordPress site should you choose to display ads.

It’s a great plugin to display ads and earn an online income with them.


Ads make a pittance because you don’t really work hard enough to optimize placements. If you don’t use them well they’ll continue to make a pittance for you. Optimizing ads for getting high cpm and ctr is the best way to grow your ad income.

Most people assume that the amount they get from ads isn’t entirely under their control. Third parties control which ads get shown around and a result there’s really nothing they can do to improve it.

You’re wrong.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that just because you’re a beginner you can optimize ads.


Earning an income from ads could be the easiest thing there is. It’s money on autopilot. Insert a code and voila the rest takes care of itself.

Life’s easy.

With advanced ads you get more control over when and how ads are displayed and eke the very last dollar out of them.

It was developed by THomas Maier.


What is advanced ads

Put very simply advanced ads is a WordPress plugin that is useful when it comes to managing your multiple ads on a network like Adsense.


THe plugin is lightweight with tons of features that are present despite the plugin being so lightweight and easy to use.

Once you install and activate advanced ads the ad wizard guides you around and you can place ads with relative ease.

There are many powerful features like 

Inserting direct image ads

Adding adsense code

Hierarchy mode

Rich content slots

Php ad insertion


There’s also a free version that sports some of these features and lets you manage and display ads with the plugin.


What are the features available with Advanced ads plugin

There are many powerful features. With the features available with the plugin, the plugin sets itself apart from all other plugins that are meant to run ads.


Targeting people by location; One of the most powerful features with Advanced ads is that if you’re blogging to a diverse audience you get to attract local traffic through your site and target effectively and change ads based on where they are from. THis is especially useful when you have a bunch of ads that are good only for a particular location.

Show different ads to different people based on where they’re from.


Target by interest: Another common way to display ads is by showing select banners to people based on their interests. Ads that are interesting to the individual increase revenues and bottomlines.


It’s just one click with the plugin


Manage a truly limitless set of ads: Other plugins might tap it out after a few dozen ads. Not advanced ads. THe number of ads isn’t truly limite with the plugin. The rule applies to free, pro and premium versions of the plugin.

Others charge an arm and a leg to do this.


Find advertisers and sell ads directly:

The ability to turn on how to sell ads directly by getting in touch with advertisers directly is something that needs to be in every plugin. The smart automated module makes booking easy for direct ad placement.


Show different ads to pc and mobile users: Few people browse your sites from phones. Others use pc. It doesn’t matter. Advanced ads knows who is visiting your site with what and that means you can display differnt ads more converting ads to different people.


Display ads on AMP pages: How many ad display plugins have you tested before? And what did you see with those plugins? I guess most plugins would have failed to show ads on amp pages. Not advanced ads. With the plugin not only can you manage unlimited ads, yo get to display them on amp pages as well. Yes those pageviews aren’t going to go empty.


All together there are 6 different ad slots available:


First is the dummy ad

Followed by image ad

There is rich cntent ads, and simple plain text ads

WIth tehse you can display quality ads. Set ads based on cookies and visito location.


What does the dummy ad format do?

If you want to roll out ads to your visitors, at times, nay more often than not you might want to test these ads out in a virtual environment to see how they look and feel. The dummy ad format is your testing ground. Analyze different ads and formats and see how well they stand out compared to others.


If you experiment with many ad format and advertisers and want a hazel free way to perform this task it’s better to go with this one plugin.


Let’s go into the ad creation process by itself. If you’re finding any trouble creating an ad the ad wizard is a handy help that walks you throughthe process and lets you create your ad.


You can place ads into ad groups. What this simply does is rotate your different ads and they’re shown based after a certain time when the previous one rolls over.

This rotation helps you determine which ads are performing in the best manner for you.




What is the pricing of advanced ads plugin?

Given the features it’s almost incredible that there’s a fully functioning free tier that you can work with.

The advanced ads plugin costs way less than similarly priced competitors.


If you’re running a single site and have no plans to run or manage ads on other sites then the single licence sets you down by around $30.

If you want to run advanced ads plugin’s pro version on three to four sites the best bet is the version that costs over $200 a month.

With the pro version, you’re gifted with 8 additional adds on you can start using on your sites.


The price is not certainly a little bit higher for any beginner. It may break the budget for some just starting out but we know, quality comes with a price.


The pricing for managing 3 or 4 sites may seem on the upper side. But even if the plugin results in 1% improved conversions that means at the end of the day you’re making way more than you’re spending. As traffic increases the conversion rate optimization efforts have an incremental impact on your downline.

Here are the 8 addons in detail

Responsive Ads addon

Pro Add-on

Selling Ads Add-on


Sticky Ads

Popup placements




Yes the geo targeting feature we talked about is part of add on which is part of pro plan. To get access to the plan you need to buy the all access plan first.


The add ons are are for you if you love every bit of data around your ads. Two they help you optimize your placements as well.


The tracking add on is for understanding the number of clicks and impressions you’re generating for your ads.

The ad can work with any ad on your site. You can roll back in time and see past performance as well.


Support system

In case you encounter any problem that doesn’t brush past the ad wizard or the rich documentation, you have reliale support from the creators.


The tutorials both beginner and advanced are created in fun easy to understand language and that means you’re going to have a great time understanding how to move around with the plugin.


Some of the advanced features of the plugin mean that you can use php function codes to place your ads. There’s the shortcode functionality that’s built in and supports different ad formats . Coupled, there are a number of options through which you can place ads, based on what you feel is most comfortable for you.

The rich content format is another thing you can use that helps you display your marketing material in better light. That helps you make your calls to action stand out from the crowd.


With the tool you can promote custom images created specifically to drive affiliate clicks.



Advanced ads features may be at times too difficult to comprehend. But trust me, you don’t need more than a day or two to get the hang of it. At least most features. You might hate the learning curve at the start but once you learn the tool, you can’t live without it. THat’s the exact same thing that happened to me.

Get your hands on the plugin and get started earning more with your ads right now.


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