Must-Have WordPress Plugins For Bloggers

Must-Have WordPress Plugins For Bloggers

As a blogger, there are countless tools available that you can use. In this post I am going to list out several tools that are going to be much helpful to you as a blogger and take your blog to new heights.


RankMath plugin


RankMath is a relatively new entrant in the field of SEO. However, the plugin is something that leaves competitors short of breath. It’s much more optimized for loading speeds and for the features it carries. You can do a lot with Rankmath and has an edge of features over Yoast and the all in one SEO plugin.

With the tool you can manage the off page SEO factors of your blog as well as add meta descriptions, tites and optimized keywords to your pages and posts. If you want to rank high this plugin is a must have.



If you want to grow your blog, you must know how your blog is currently faring. Only when you know where you stand can you measure the growth of your blog.

To know where you stand with your blogging efforts, a crucial piece of the story is understanding which posts are driving you traffic. You need to understand and get a handle on top-performing content. That way you can create more content around these keywords and rank more of your articles on Google.



WordPress is the most popular CMS platform. And because its so popular WordPress forms the staple of platforms attacked by hackers. To stop your site from getting hacked and keep an eye on everything around your blog use Sucuri. It’s a splendid security plugin that makes a promise that if your site gets loaded with malware, the team will guarantee its removal. For free.

With a firewall, you can track and audit every single activity from plugins installed and activated to users registered. They will clean up your site if they fail as well.


W3 Total Cache


Caching plugin makes your site load up quickly for people who have visited it before by storing some of your content on their browsers.

Everyone wants their blogs to load quickly. And this will happen if you use a caching plugin.

THe cached data is available on both ends, your server and the user browser. W3 total cache keeps the cache for a long period of time enabling quick loading of your site.


Broken link checker

Broken link checker is one of the must have plugins on your site if you accept comments on your blog. The thing is most of these blogs die out after a year or two. And that remains in their wake is a list full of dead 404 links.

Broken link checker scans your site for these errors and unlinks them.


Push Notification


Push notifications are a relatively new trend online. WIth push notifications you might just turn around one-time blog readers into regular readers.

What it does is whenever you publish a new post or update and republish another post it sends a browser notification to people who subscribed to you. This gives you plenty of new traffic. Push notifications can be enabled cross platform on edge chrome, mozilla and safari to name a few.


  1. CleanTalk

Spammy comments are a headache to monitor and delete. With cleantalk the plugin does the heavy lifting for you and automatically recognizes and deletes spam comments. The plugin has a fantastic accuracy rate. You can also use Akismet to do this and it’s free.

Akismet needs the WordPress api key.

Social Snap

Social snap is a social media plugin with which you can add share buttons, click to tweet buttons and social media icons throughout your blog. It’s snappier and well designed. There’s a free version and a premium tool you can use.

The free version is limited in the number of social media channels you can do. It’s limited to the most popular ones like Facebook or Twitter.

  1. WPSmush.It is a must have plugin on your site if you want to decrease page load times. What it does for you is lower the size of the images without a noticeable impact on image quality.

With one click smush you can easily reduce the image size and increase page load speeds.


  1. OptinMonster


OptinMonster is a fantastic lead generation plugin for WordPress sites. With the plugin, you stand to get hundreds of leads to your site.

How> There are countless well designed templates that improve signups. The conversions skyrocket.

WP Advanced Ads

With WP advanced ads you can manage and optimize ads on your blog. Display rich ads or image ads. In total the plugin supports 4 ad formats.

These are some of the best plugins you need to use as a blogger. It’s an essential toolkit in your arsenal as a blogger. Install these plugins and activate them to make the most of your blogging journey online.

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