Unbounce Review 2020

A landing page creation from scratch can be hard work. That’s why landing page builders were born. Among these landing page builders Unbounce holds out the most promise and that’s why its a topic of discussion on this blog.


That’s why landing page tools like this exist.


Unbounce is a fantastic tool that accomplishes a number of things. There’s a drag and drop builder which is one of its star features letting you create customized landing pages complete with forms, and other thOne such tool is Unbounce. 


Unbounce Features

The multiplicity of Unbounce features help you make decadent landing pages without breaking a sweat. Unbounce lets you create landing pages from scratch without needing to code. Use the landing page builder to build out stuff in seconds.


To start with Unbounce first click on pages and create a new page.

You get a number of templates to choose from. Start with a blank page.


With a design selected use the builder mode to edit it. THe elements on landing page can be clicked on and edited directly.


There’s a left and right pane. The left pane has a number of elements to add. THe section has text, images, shapes, boxes and other buttons to use.


Click on an element on the landing page and you get to see the properties and settings on the right pane.

If you click on any element you get the corresponding list of elements to edit on the right say size, shape or font colors.


Given the level of control you get, build out landing pages in seconds. There are templates to choose from and there are a number of controls as well.


If you want to edit the code there’s a tab called javascripts and stylesheets.


Add the code and save it.


Unbounce makes landing pages and they are highly converting.

There are a number of variations you can create to get the most conversions.


Click on the variant at the top of landing page.

Create a duplicate of variant a and click on this to get redirected to landing page builder where you can edit the same.

Once you have created pages with enough variations, the next step is to send traffic to these pages and see how they tally up. You can adjust the amount of traffic each page gets on the overview page. 

To optimize the conversions further check how the landing pages look like on mobile phones.

Click on the mobile tab at the very bottom. Make adjustments with drag and drop.


WIth landing pages the essential trust building element is to connect custom domains. That sets up as someone serious.


With WordPress what you need to do is Install the Unbounce plugin and transfer landing pages automatically.


You can also create popups and time them to the time people spend on the page, based on where they are coming from, the cookies used and their location as well.

The sticky bars sit at the top of the header visible when scrolling through the page.


Then there’s accelerated mobile pages. AMP creates landing pages to conversions. The amp uses html and css in low degree and that means these pages load blazingly fast.

However there’s a cost to that and here’s the litany of what your visitors are going to miss out on:


There’s little support for global scripts.

No ab testing no variants and soo

own domain.

No republishing from within the AMP builder. You must republish from the overview screen.

Button background images will not show.


With amp background colors and gradients too get squeezed out.

Integrations that use javascript won’t work.

Since most of the css is missing form fields might appear weird. The pop ups on bars will not really work.

DTR is not available for AMP pages.




With any tool that interacts with the whole ecosystem its necessary that it plays well with other tools. That is evidenced by the number of integrations the tool has. Unbounce has native integrations, there’s zapier that connects it with dozens of sites and also webhooks.


Without coding skills this can help you.

There are native integrations but few in number.

Get response and convertkit with Zapier






Zapier is an option you can use. For this integration to work well its imperative to have a paid Zapier account too.

For advanced users a webhook is a possibility to explore. Webhooks take data and propagate the same to the CRM

The form submit webhook available in Unbounce sends push notifications to the server when someone puts in a form from Unbounce landing pages.

Webhooks are not for the novice and require a learning curve.


With Facebook ads there’s the option to add the pixel to the landing page. If there’s no pixel first set it up.


Get the code from Facebook, go to Unbounce builder and click on Javascript at the bottom of the page.

Type facebook pixel on the name and set up the placement as Head.

Click on Save code.


Analyze the performance of your landing page easily

With Unbounce there’s really no problem tracking landing page performance. With each page you get a number of reports enabling you to ascertain what pages are bringing traffic and converting the best way possible.

Get to apply IP filters if you want to block certain traffic from being counted including your own visits. On the left panel there’s a settings button. Click on add a new ip filter

So as you enter and filter out certain ip addresses the process automatically removes your IP from being counted.


On overview you get a few interesting highlights like the number of unique visitors that come to the landing page once.

Views count the total pageviews resulting from those visitors


The conversions refer to completing the goal with the campaign which can be signing up, form submission an so on

Conversion rate tallies the number of people who visited vs the people who completed the campaign.


Unbounce Pricing

No limits on different plans. Across plans you have access to landing pages, to popups to sticky bars and so on.

The pay is varied depending on what you want.

For all plans come with 14 day trial There’s drag and drop builders, templates and popups t to choose from as well.

There is a 14-day trial for all plans. All plans include access to the Drag and Drop Builder, high 


Unbounce helps you realize your vision with those landing pages. Alter the visuals, the conversion goals and things like that and use Unbounce to guide you every step of the way.


If you want to increase conversions use Unbounce for optimized pages. The design elements and everything else is under your control. There’s speed as well and it’s a great marketing tool.

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