Prowritingaid coupon and discount 2020

Prowriting aid is one of the best grammar checkers around. With the tool you have several benefits

There’s a built real time error checker that checks your content for mistakes and issues as you write.

The errors start popping up on the top left corner and populate in real time as you type.

With the tool you can be assured of discovering all your grammar, style, spelling errors at one go.


Document summary

This feature summarizes your content on a variety of different factors.


You get to see the readability score of your content. You see the style of your content. And the section suggests improvements for readability enhancements, emotions and verbs that together improve the content so it sounds and reads better.


Correction Suggestion

As you hover over the cursor alongside suggested changes you see suggested corrections for your sentences.


ProWritingAid Differences (Free vs Premium)

There are both free and premium options. Trust me the free version offers a lot but contains itself by providing you basic grammar help. If you want to go beyond and write content that truly resonates with readers the premium version should be your go to choice.


With the free version here’s what you stand to get.

The software can be accessed through cloud alone.

You can check no more than 500 words

Limited to 25 reports.

THe word explorer tool offers limited results.

With the premium fully functioning version

There’s no limit on words

Limited to 25 reports

Integrate with Word, Docs and Chrome

The checks are made in real time so you don’t have to worry.

With the discount you get a premium tool for 1 year at $45 instead of $60.

And for 3 years you get at $90 instead of $120. Also the lifetime option is for $157 a whopping 40% discount.

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