Linkwhisper Review 2021


Linkwhisper review


Linkwhisper is one of those plugins that you need to vastly improve your WordPress blog.

How? By automating internal link building.

This review is all about managing WordPress links internally with a link management plugin.

Internal links are great at boosting your site seo.

What is Linkwhisper WordPress plugin:

Linkwhisper is a pretty popular link management solution that helps you get great link juice flowing all over.

It passes link juice from one page to another. This helps search engine bots effectively crawl your site as well.

Internal linking is hard and boring and with this plugin, it becomes quite easy.

You can also fix keyword cannabalization issues that frequently plague sites and blogs.You can optimize the site with proper anchors.

The plugin was developed by Spencer Haws and even as we speak new features are being added regularly. This is going to be one of the best internal linking plugins there can be.


Here are a few must-know features of Link Whisper:

1. Automatic Link suggestions as you type:

This is one of the best features LinkWhisper has. Link suggests.

See the problem with most solutions is that they link to a bunch of posts at the bottom based on the same category.

LinkWhisper figures out the semantic context and suggests new links as type in content. There’s no lag in adding links in this manner and that’s one why reason why Linkwhisper is so wonderful.

You can selectl link suggestions to stay within category if that’s what you prefer but again its your choice.

2. Internal Link Dashboard:

Linkwshiper has a neat dashboard where you can analyze internal and external links to any article on the site. This is the best place to begin using Linkwhisper.

YOu can also add external links.

Discover all the pages with no internal links. Click ont he plus icon and start linking to them.

3. Fix Keyword Cannibalization:

Another benefit of using LinkWhisper is that you can get rid of keyword cannabilization. This is by no means a penalty but Google confusing and ranking another url for a whole lot of other keywords. With more internal links you can boost seo, however the incorrect use of anchors can cause issues.

Link whisper has a configuration panel that can let you include or always exclude certain post types.

Or open links in new tab

To exclude numbers and words from link suggestions.

  • Internal links reduce bounce rate
  • They improve page on time
  • They improve search engine crawling
  • They help you with orphan pages on your site.

LinkWhisper pricing

Linkwhisper is $67 for a single site and they offer three plans with 10 site license costing $147

Here’’s a discount code that will help you get $15 discount on the plans.


setup Link Whisper plugin:

LinkWhisper is free to use and setup.

The plugin automates internal link building which is often a drag. You need to go to the dashboard, search for the right posts and then add the links manually.

The plugin saves you a lot of time.

The cost after discount for single site is $52

Once you remove the plugin, the internal links built with this plugin still say.

Link Whisper plugin FAQ’s

Do links created with Linkwhisper works after uninstalling the plugin?

Yes all links created still work and stay there even if you disable the plugin.

Yes a new website or old website that publishes a lot of content need to use the plugin for building internal links.

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