Learnworlds vs Kajabi Comparison and Review DECEMBER 2021

Learnworlds vs. Kajabi 2021 Comparison and Review

Learnworlds and Kajabi are both great online course creation platforms with built-in tools that let you build out your entire business. What you choose to go with depends on how you plan on using these tools and where you want to use these tools for.

You need to know which among Learnworlds and Kajabi is better?

Learnworlds is a great option if you want to choose to set up an entire online school. You can create unlimited number of courses. Kajabi is is more much generalized tool that can help you set up to sell a number of digital products.

I’m going to compare the two tools Learnworlds and Kajabi. I am going to go over the pricing plans for each tool and look at different features and also going to highlight the shortcomings in each tool.

Learnworlds vs. Kajabi Compared

If you want to create a single course, neither Learnworlds nor Kajabi is ideal.

These platforms are great for intermediate or advanced instructors and content creators.

If you have a growing business and multiple digital products listed, these tools are great.

Learnworlds is the best option if you want to set up your own online school.

On the platform you can set up an unlimited number of courses in the catalog. You can work with multiple instructors and run your courses the best way possible.

Students also get a public profile to showcase courses they are enrolled in as well as their achievements.

Learnworlds has powerful features compared to the two platforms included tests, quizzes, question banks and digital certificates as well.

Kajabi seems more of an all in one platform for running your online business.

You can replace third-party apps for creating funnels, for email list management, hosting, payments, automation and more.

Kajabi can handle this and more. You can offer any digital product and run memberships and subscriptions.

The downside is that Kajabi lacks a narrow focus on online courses, lacking specalized features compared to other platforms.

worlds starts off at a considerably lower price point than Kajabi. Although both platforms offer great value for money. Prices are in line with their competitors that have similar offerings.

Learnworlds Pricing

Learnworlds comes with three different plans:

On the first, the starter plan the charge is $24 per month. This is low compared to the cheapest plan that Kajabi offers. That’s low compared to the cheapest plan on Kajabi.

The features are limited at this price point.

The biggest thing is the fact that you’re going to be charged $5 per course sale. Going with a cheaper plan seems great when getting started. Th $5 transaction fee quickly adds up and makes a large enough dent on your profits.

The starter plan additionally limits your ability to work with the page builder. You can only create three different pages: homepage, the course catalog page and the login page.

You can offer unlimited number of paid courses on the plan but free courses seem out of the question.

With third-party integrations some premium courses are not available with the plan.

As a result of these problems, Learnworld’s Pro Trainer plan costing $79 per month is the full-fledged plan offer. From this plan onwards, there’s no transaction fee.

You can also create unlimited number of courses and landing pages, as well as free courses.

The pro trainer plan supports installments and subscriptions and memberships.

The customizable checkout page, the affiliate section helps drive sales. You get access to the website builder and the blog.

You also get hold of custom certificates, you can get hold of the course player, the Zapier and other integrations, question banks and more features.

Starting at $249 per month the learning center has some powerful features at the core. You can sport 20 or more instructors.

Use the bulk student upload feature, white-labelling options, interactive video and advanced affiliate management options listed.

From a technical stand you get API integrations, webhooks, single signon and the option for custom iOS and Android apps as well.

THe last features needs you to cough up more money.

In addition to this, Learnworlds has high volume and corporate plans also listed. You need to contact them for a demo and get the pricing as well.

If you run a big organization, you can get more admins, bulk enrollments, branded corporate academy, premium support, flexible pricing and more such options.

Kajabi Pricing

Kajabi too has three plans. You pick one.

The basic plan starts at $119 per month. This is a higher entry point than Learnworld’s $24 starter plan. You get more features and functionalities at the start itself.

The plan lets you add 3 products and 3 pipelines. You get unlimited number of landing pages and emails.

Beside that you have a limit of 10,000 contacts. Kajabi defines an active member as anyone who’s enrolled in one of the course.

With the basic plan you can use templates, webinars, events, quizzes and surveys. Set up automations and more things.

The transaction fee is 0% and this is true for all other plans. Kajabi’s mid tier plan is $159 growth plan. With this plan you can add more products and pipelines.

With this you increase the number of products and sales pipelines to 15.

Increase the number of contacts to 25000 and active members to 10,000 or more. You also get unlimited landing pages and can send unlimited emails.

You can add 10 admin level users instead of 1. The basic plan lets you have 10 admin level users. In addition to the basic plan you get 24/7 support, advanced automations, an affiliate program and also can remove Kajabi branding.

The top plan is the Pro plan. This costs $139 per month. This lets you set up 100 different products and sales pipelines.

You can add 100,000 contacts and 20000 active members on this plan.

Add 24 admin users and 3 sites.

You can also add unlimited number of landing pages.

On the plan you’re limited to sending 2000,000 marketing emails. This is opposed to unlimited emails on the lower tier plans.

The pro plan also unlocks the code editor in addition to everything else on the growth plan.

On all plans you get access to Kajabi university. You get hours of detailed training on using Kajabi tools to run your business.


Boththe two tools pack in a number of features for the price. They put different emphasis on their core focus. This creates some strengths and weaknesses on each platform.


Kajabi is the clear winner to market the course. Without marketing it’s nearly impossible to drive sales or succeed online.

Learnworlds Marketing

Learnworlds marketing features leave plenty to be desired. There’s no built-in email function. You need to integrate with Mailchimp, Aweber and Convertkit for things to work.

There’s also very few options for page templates and you can use it to create sales funnels or even pipelines.

You can also set up landing pages and lead magnets to get new leads. But that’s much if anything.

Learnworlds ends its features with coupons and promotions. YOu can add your team of affiliates and track them through advanced affiliate management tool.

What Learnworlds lacks in marketing you need to do with in autoresponder,s email marketing and other webinar tools.

Kajabi Marketing

Kajabi has plenty of things working in its favor to promote sales and get you traffic.

YOu get a built-in email management tool with which to grow and manage your list. Kajabi also offers a visual email builder to make emails with timers,video and other features.

Kajabi’s page builder is simple. You get a theme and there’s plenty of customization features to get started.

You can also use automations to set up events and create personal experiences to both current and potential customers to interact with.

You can track leads based on how they behave. For promoting the course kajabi has a number of webinar tools as well.

It’s super-simple to set up and gives people and persoanlized walk through of what you’re giving them.

Kajabi has a number of analytics tools to help you make better decisions about the business.

You can see the reports, see how customers keep progressing through the course, see how they engage with the business and keep a lid of how things pan out in the future.


Learnworlds supports a number of tools for video marketing and they excel in this place.

It’s easy to upload video content from Vime or YouTube. This is also true for other files other than video. You can also upload audio from soundcloud or microsoft word.

You have flexibility for the video content. Connect to video providers for the videos and choose where you host them.

Upload to Learnworlds and let them host the video content.

Unlike other platforms there’s no real limit on how many videos or the bandwidth you’re going to use.

Upload the files and then Learnworlds makes it possible for you easily edit videos you need to.

Add interactive buttons, questions, pointers, logos, titles and text and images.

So it can save you a ton of time that you’d normally need to spend on post-production and video editing to create beautiful and engaging content.

Perhaps one of the coolest functions is that Learnworlds allows you to extract a synchronized and interactive transcript of your videos with just a single click.

This can make your videos a lot more accessible and easy to navigate.

In comparison, Kajabi is lacking in terms of many of their features. That’s not to say their video offerings are bad.

Uploading videos to the platform is an easy process, and their video player works as you’d expect.

But it’s just average, and nothing about it really jumps out as going above-and-beyond.

Kajabi does offer unlimited free video hosting, which is great. It’s nice to not have to worry about running out of storage or bandwidth, or incurring extra fees.

In terms of importing your content, Kajabi does have the option to bring video (as well as all other filetypes) over from either Google Drive or Dropbox.

But it’s lacking some of the import options that Learnworlds offers.

Course Tools

If you want to be simply creating and selling courses online, LearnWorlds might come across as the apt solution for you. It’s a much better platform.

On Kajabi you can sell courses, membership sites, subscriptions. You can also host audio files and pdf files.

Learnworlds does offer memberships and subscriptions but the platform’s one true focus is in being an online course platform.

Learnworlds also offers quizzing ability you’re not going to find on Kajabi. You can set up graded or ungraded quizzes along with open or closed questions.

Learnworlds offers complete learning experience, one that has assignments and exams for students. Kajabi’s quizzing and assignment taking abilities are pretty limited. THe standard quizzes don’t offer much in terms of variety.


The Learnworlds Pro trainer plan also has question banks. You can create test questions and then lopp them to different tests and courses.

A few certifications or continuing education programs require randomized tests. THis is a must depending on what you teach and whether you’re offering any sort of accreditation.

As students complete the course, you can send them personalized digital certificates on Learnworlds. This isn’t possible with Kajabi.

Plus Learnworlds is SCORM complaint. SCORM compliance indicates a set of learning standards and shows specifications for courses. This is dependant on what you’re teaching.


Both platforms, Learnworlds and Kajabi let you create a community around your online course or for membership sites.

You don’t have to rely on Facebook groups to keep students engaged.

This is great because there’s no reason for you to want a third-party platform to engage students. You can keep their interests in mind.

On both platforms you have ownership of students and access isn’t constrained.

Kajabi offers an app for students to keep in touch with you even with their phones.

Learnworlds emphasizes community. The social network offers up a way for students to engage, share ideas, discuss things and give and in return get feedback.

All students get public profiles and get an opportunity to network and connect with each other.


Both learnworlds and Kajabi are truly course creation platforms that have plenty of things to offer you. The focus is on different areas though.

Learnworlds is ideal for your online school with a n=umber of courses and instructors. Kajabi is for one course or creating a complete sales funnel around this course.

The best thing I like is the testing feature and ability to create engaging video course content.

You get everything you need to run an online business. No need for third party apps or plugins either.

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