What is a Landing Page Creator and How to Create your First Landing Page

What is a Landing Page Creator and How to Create your First Landing Page

A landing page creator is exactly what it sounds.

A true landing page is designed with a single-purpose.

It can be to drive traffic to a page

To capture leads

Run Google ads to a page to get people to purchase or subscribe

And so on.


Why do you need a tool to create landing pages?

Even if someone were from the design, background, creating a landing page from scratch while figuring out all its little bells and whistles is hard work.


A landing page is an escape for the visitor to dedicated action. A homepage is filled with links to so many places it’s hard to ascertain what to do.


The tools or the landing page creators that are out there make it stupid simple even for someone with zero coding skills to create landing pages from scratch. And no, they don’t like a contraption cobbled together by a 10-year old. We’re talking about great lip-smacking design. After all, landing pages are supposed to attract, entice and bring people to someplace not drive them away.


A landing page creator often uses a drag and drop editor that makes it possible for anyone to use the interface to play with the elements and create a landing page. It’s more like LEGO, instead, you’re playing with images and files.


A good landing page builder will also have hundreds if not thousands of ready to use templates that you can use. These templates are categorized by industry and function. Unbounce alone has over 100 great designs.


There are tools that offer the perfect outgoing click ratio to optimize the clicks on landing pages. 


All the ways to use landing page creators to create landing pages

In this section, I am going to guide you through using landing page creators to create the best possible landing pages you can.


Landing pages as said before tend to be goal-specific.

That means you can get them to get qualified leads

Promote a new product or drive traffic to a sales page

Great ways to host webinars


How to get started with a landing page creator

A landing page creator makes it possible for anyone to design landing pages from scratch. And because the opportunity is big dozens of products are launched as landing page creators.

Here’s what to choose from


Go and pick a tool:


There are several landing page tools:


  • Instagepage
  • Unbounce
  • Leadpages
  • Clickfunnels to name a few


For instance, Instapage is affordably priced while having many of the features that landing page tools must-have.


Let’s go deeper into each of these tools highlighting the pros and cons of each of them and why you might want to choose one over the other.



Unbounce is the oldest landing page builder around. It’s easily one of the best landing page builders you can lay your hands on.

Spending so much time designing and creating landing pages, Unbounce is a name you can trust. They do a bunch of things that set them apart from others.

For instance, they have tested all their templates against real traffic and optimized them for conversions. So you know that you’re not getting templates that are leaking conversions.

Here’s my post on Unbounce vs Instapage that you’re going to find to be useful.

I also wrote a full review of Unbounce landing page builder tool.



Instapage as a landing page builder is another favorite tool among a lot of people. Coming to features one of the most standout factors about them is their expertise in post-click optimization. 


Instapage is a modern drag and drop editor that you can use to assemble your landing page with no frills.



Leadpages is similar in concept to both Unbounce and to Instapage but comparatively not that great.

The features are lacking and you find yourselves wistfully gravitating towards either Unbounce or Instapage.


Leadpages’ distinctive feature is the presence of two editors: one for beginners and another an advanced editor. There’s also the popup feature. These popups only require a line of code on any page you own and not just the Leadpages landing pages. That’s wonderful.



ClickFunnels is another gigantic name in the landing page builder industry. So much so that the tool isn’t just a landing page creator. For its price, it ventures as a sales funnel creator. Landing pages are just part of the whole thing.


You can set up an entire sales funnel full of landing pages, auto webinars, email drip campaigns—the whole nine yards. It’s also an email host where you can keep your leads.


Because Clickfunnels shoulders a lot of things, the landing page doesn’t have as many features as you might find with Unbounce or with Instapage.


In the second step, you’re going to determine what you want on that landing page.

A landing page solves a problem.

It can be used as a webinar registration point

It can be used to get customer feedback on surveys

To launch something new

To schedule a meeting or get a lead

And so on


The purpose will determine the design, the looks, and the functionalities of the landing page and consequently the template you will be using.


Building a landing page from scratch with no templates

All the landing page software that I discussed above come with a drag and drop interface where you click and point at elements be it a big CTA button, be it graphics, be it anything else.


You can either choose from one of the 100 or so templates that each of these tools provides or start with a blank template. Either way, you can still point and bring call-to-action buttons, walls of text images, and graphics.

Conversion rate optimization for landing pages

Now that you have seen all that you can accomplish with landing page builder tools, you might want to a/b test them by removing and adding elements. Unbounce makes it really easy with the data and analytics provided against each of the landing pages.

The data is a lot: See the number of clicks, their conversions, the total number of visitors, the time they spent on a page, their traffic source, bounce rates, and more things. With Instapage and Unbounce you can also connect GA.



Landing pages are a sure-shot way to drive conversions up. They’re a must for any campaign you are running. My top recommendation is to use Unbounce.

If you’re on a budget then Leadpages works best. The business needs marketing tools and this is one of the best money can buy.

When starting out creating landing pages, start with a template. These templates are designed to eke the most juice out of conversions and there’s little you can go wrong with them on.

If you use ready-made templates most of the work is already done for you.

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