KWFinder Black Friday Deal 25% OFF

KWFinder Black Friday Deal 25% OFF

Black Friday comes with another great deal on KWfinder.

On black friday the discount is for 25% this year. 

There’s also more on the discount front, if you purchase the subscription to the plan within 1 hour of your free signup. So the total deal is for 25% on black firday.

KWfinder is a popular tool that helps you conduct keyword research. It’s accurate and helps you identify keywords you should be ideally targeting with your site. As such keyword finder is something worth checking out now.

With the tool you can discover long tail keywords and compare them to what your competitors are ranking for.

KWfinder blackfriday deal and discount 2020lick Here To Activate Discount

Click on the link toa ctivate the special black friday discount

Once you click on the link you will go to the site where you can see the discount.

There are tree plans and you can choose one based on your need.

Hit subscribe button next.

Next create the account and the purchase is ready to go through.

What’s the advantage of Kwfinder among other tools

Whenever you are searching for a main keyword on Kwfinder, the aim is to find a lot of relevant keywords.

Enter the main keyword to be returned with several features you are going to like.

As you enter any keyword you get a number of suggestions surrounding the main keyword, you get auto-complete suggestions, you get questions and so on.

The number of keyword ideas you see on the suggestion tab are higher.

Keyword research usuually requires 3 steps for you to be successful. First is finding keywords and their volumes and then seeing average search volume, their cpc and also the ppc strength as well.

The results of the search volumes reflect how many people were searching for the particular keyword month over month for the past 12 months trailing.

Filter out keywords you want

Depsite the vast number of features Kwfinder presents there are a number of filtering options youa re going to like. You can set the search volume to min or to max.

When you search the keywords you can set the max cpc value or a particular keyword volume, should you so choose.

You can also include or exclude certain keywords from the list.

This means you get creative ideas to present your content to people

Keyword Difficulty

One thing I like about such keyword research tools is they present the prganic keyword difficulty scores of a keyword. So you see how difficult it is going to be to be rank for a certain keyword. Higher the difficulty score, more the competion on the serps and the more difficulty you are going to face when ranking these terms.

The difficulty score is based on the average strength of the urls on the SERP p[ages. THe link profile is easy to caclualte with Moz and or majestic research tools.


Another tool ooffer by mangools is the site profiler tool. The traffic content and other pages are considered basd on the competitor profile and the audience.

Site profiler assigns strength to the site based on its metrics

ntKWFinder Black Friday Deal Pricing

Kwfinder offers 3 plans, basic premium and agency.

The basic plan has the least number of features and is for anyone who has started his site.

You get 100 keyword lookups for a period of 24 hours. You get 200 keyword suggestions.

You will also get daily rankings fo 200 keywords, you get their backlinks and the rows of 2000 and site lookups of 20. Sites or more.

The mangools set of premium tools gives you more features like 500 lookups in 24 hours. Keywords suggestions of 700

Unlimitec comeptitor keyword analysis

SERP lookups 

700 daily tracked keyword.s

The agency plan is even more powerful with over 1200 keyword lookups.

700 search suggestions

Unlimited ocmpetitor lookups

1500 tracked keywords

1200 serp lookups.

  • And yo can export 15000 backlink rows.


What is KWFinder?

Kwfinder is a keyword research tool that offers multiple features. On blackfriday the company mangoosl offers discounts for the pl;an.

Is KWFinder provides accurate data?

They provide a lot of metrics and accurate search data.

When this deal will end?

The deal will start on Friday November 27 tha and end by Month Ddember 1.


If you are looking for an all rounded keyword resear h and competitor analysis tool KWfinder is the best choice to have.

The tool is of great quality and you can trust the metrics it offers.

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