Keyword research and content generation ideas with these tools

In this post we’re going to discuss several tools that you as a blogger can use to get the better deal and create rocking content.

Each of these tools helps you go to places and get something done for your blog.


Use answer the public tool


This is one of the greatest tools you can use for understanding the mind of your audience.

Answer the public is your biggest content idea suggestion tool that you can use to gallop ahead of competitors.


The keywords are presented in a novel format catering to understand phrases and questions people generally ask.

The tool works this way: When you enter a keyword the tool will suggest 1100s of new ideas as phrases and questions.

This is got from Google suggestions and scraping the database.


With the topic at hand you get the most relevant and apt questions you can use. The presentation too is sharp as a visual cloud of phrases and keywords along with prepositions appended like how to and others.

There are no search volumes presented so download the excel and upload it to a keyword research tool to understand the search volumes fully.


Blog Title Generator from SEOPressor

You must have heard of SEO Pressor. They have a variety of tools you can use and the blog title generator is good for you as a blogger.

The tool is something you could quite regularly use for content generation ideas. There are a great many titles that you can readily use. Add a few keywords you want to use to get a list of content ideas as headlines.


The tool is better than the previous versions.

Enter the keyword and select topic nature. 

Such as generic event or so on.

You get a list of 1000 or more blog post headlines to use from. When you have no ideas you use keyword research tool and can get more keyword suggestions to use.


Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Portent’s content idea generator is another great tool to use. With it you get to create powerful rich headlines and gives you the focus on new topics as well.

Portent’s tool analyzes the topic and combines it with situational ideas to deliver a powerful punch. The headlines are focused and bring in on conversions .


When you enter a keyword the ideas begin to populate themselves. Refresh and get more ideas.



Blog About is another must use tool that fills you up with ideas and plenty of topics you can begin to write on. There are many headlines and sentences that you can use to reference and create more content on.


The tool is for bloggers for getting new ideas. THe headlines can be edited. Change the verbs or os and create even more unique headlines. Sav them to the notebook and download those for future reference.


HubSpot’s Blog Idea Generator

You can add three words; three nouns and you get a templated topic idea suggestion based on the keywords you add. For the free tool you get a few suggestions for a week’s content. For others like the registered plan you a year’s worth of content suggestions. You get a ton of topics and ideas you can write about to get traffic and conversions.

This list of ideas via email and on the site can help anyone get started with creating lots and lots of content.

Add 3 nouns either together or one by one. You get 5 topic ideas to choose from.


Kickass Headline Generator by SumoMe

Headline generator by SumoMe is a simple tool to use to generate 5 headline ideas to topics you want.

These headline formulas are bound to bring you great conversions


With the kickass headline generator here’s what you can do.

Choose from 6 different headline ideas to begin with. You get the ideas to start, change the keywords, the topics, time and options to suit and so on.


These tools are great for generating headlines and content ideas that you can use anytime you want. That gives you the best possible experience you want.


You can’t simply go to random content and get more traffic. Prepare a  plan on the keywords and get started creating better content to outrank your competition.

If you want to create quality content, keyword research is a must. The content starts from researching the topics first.


When you start using these tools the improvement in rankings isn’t immediate. It takes time and once you have crossed that threshold you get loads of traffic.

Innvest in keyword research by choosing high volume trending keywords. Build links to the said keyword, get traffic and generate conversions.


Schedule some time for keyword research. With this you get a town of new ideas to start with and rank your site high.




UberSuggest is one of the best keywords tools to use. With this tool you discover new keywords, their volume and also ppc data that you can use to understand the competition ad worth. It’s an easy to use tool that gives both suggestions and ideas related to your core phrase.


UberSuggest dominates keyword research and sector analysis.


UberSuggest is a great tool to discover long tail keywords as well and to develop a good idea regarding the kind of keywords you should work with for your site.


SEMrush’s Keyword Magic Tool

SEMRUsh is a good seo tool that packs a number of great features inside it. All in a single place for you.

SEMRush features the site audit and analysis tool and has a keyword research tool that goes toe to toe against anything else with its keyword magic

The keyword magic tool finds you correlated high cpc keywords for any seed keywords. You can get long tail, easy keywords and also tons of phrases.



Long tail pro is a must have tool for you as a digital marketer. The tool gives the best keywords for a query or question.

When I used the tool I was impressed with the way it works on cloud The keyword difficulty analysis gets done in a few seconds with the could.

It’s a great tool and making keyword research is ideals.



KWFinder has a number of features you can use. It’s a keyword research tool that has a full fledged dashboard. With tools like SEMrush and Ubersuggest that have so many tools built in that navigating the tool might be thought of as hard work. These freemium tools prevent the problems and have a simple dashboard.


With kwfinder you get  free searches per day.

You get new content titles

Ou get to see the competition that ranks for the same keywords

You get long tail suggestions

You get questions researched

Keyword difficult

Search volumes, cpc and ppc.



SERPstat is nearly close to ahrefs andn semrush and more so to semrush.


The missing keyword analysis, the star feature of the tool helps you identify which keywords you should rank for. 

You can use the tool to inform your competitor analysis.

Go to the serpstat keyword overview tool Enter the root domain keyword and url

The keyword data shows the views with answers and missing keywords.


You can also get the keywords to rank for with additional features.

WIth this you can optimize your articles to rank better. You can get the on page and off page seo scores to top

You can build the right links and you can use the tool for growth hacking and competitor analysis.

Install the plugins.


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