Interact coupon and discount 15% off on all plans

Interact was formerly known as Tryinteract. And I believe their blog still goes by TryInteract.

Anyway the name interact is much shorter and easier to remember and probably that’s why they made the Switch from Tryinteract.

So much so for the name. What’s tryinteract? It’s an online quiz building tool. Deploy the tool to build high converting lead popping quizzes in minutes.

Design is high end as well as the ease of use.


I don’t know if you know this. Quizzes can help grow your business. In one of the past blog posts on affiliate marketing I discussed about someone who leveraged the power of viral quizzes to grow her brand. If youwish so, you can do the same for your brand.

If you’re selling anything, quiz marketing can help you gather more leads by adding an interesting fun component to lead generation.

Quizzes are fun. People never know how time passes when participating in quizzes. And two, quizzes crafed in a way can provide probing questions to your target market.

The benefit? You understand the market better. You know what makes them tick and can do more of the same.

It’s one of the best strategies to generate targeted qualified leads.

I see that the personality quiz or quizzes hinging on personal habits tend to convert the best.

Here are several integrations that work well with quizzes

You can integrate your automation platform say Keap or ConvertKit and drive leads all day long with quiz marketing.

TryInteract or Interact features a drag and drop builder that lets you create quizzes for marketing your brand. Embed these quizzes on your website.


Drive traffic to it via ads or social media and you get hundrreds of partcipants. The viral component comes alive when you make sharing the quiz a core component of participation tools.

Don’t forget to track its performance as well.

Use the 15% discount code to get 15% off on all plans.

DOn’t forget that you get a 14 day trial. With the annual subscription you get a whopping mind boggling 40%discont.

What are you waiting for?

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