Best ideas for generating good YouTube channel name

10 best ideas for a good Youtube channel name

What’s the importance of channel name/

The channel name appears on videos, on the channel page and in YouTube search results too.

The channel name is a part of how people define your channel and make sense of what it is about.

Choose a Channel Name Category

The first step is to decide on the Channel Name category you’re going to go with.

The channel name has four categories

  1. The name of the person
  2. The brand
  3. The category of the name
  4. And a small description around the channel

First name and your last name is generally one of the honest ways to run your brand. Entrepreneurs and content creators who have a strong personal brand tend to create their channels around this concept.

If you don’t have a strong personal brand having your name as the channel name is not going to be a great fit. Ensure you review best practices to choose the best possible channel name.

Your Name Should Describe Your Topic

Someone can see your channel name and understand the videos on the same. 

You don’t need to describe the channel topic to them. This can lead to flat and generic sounding channel names like videos for weight loss.

Instead think of a creative way to highlight the channel topic.

Use a unique sounding name

The name you use should stand out from what other channels are using to describe themselves.

It’s easy for you to be influenced by what others name their channel and choose a similar name. Don’t do that. Before you decide on a name plug the potential idea to YouTube and see what happens.

If you see other channels that have a channel name similar to yours go with something else.

Ensure you search for the potential name on Google as wel. This helps you avoid a name that’s similar to another brand.

Your Name Should be “Sticky”

THe channel name should be something people can both easily remember and relate to. The more unique the name is the more it is going to stick to people’s minds. 

Do one thing: Make it both related to the core topic and make the name memorable as well.

  • Avoid Using Numbers:  Use a number in your channel is associated with being unprofessional.
  • Use Name Modeling: Think of which brands you want to follow in and out of YouTube. What are the things that make them truly stand out? Are there things you can learn from these brands? Names. Their formula for success and more.
  • Domain Name Availability: As the channel grows in size you are going to build a brand off YouTube. A consistent channel name and a domain name can help.
  • Social Media Account Availability:  Also look for the channel availability on social media channels and other popular media networks. This is necessary and it’s also great to have social media account names that match the channel name.
  • Keep It Simple: Make the channel name easy to remember and spell. It’s better that you use 2 to 3 word phrases.
  • Use a Tool: If you feel stuck check out the Shopify business name generator tool. Enter a word that has your channel name and the tool splits out 100 plus name ideas with that term.


Part 1: How To Pick a YouTube Channel Name: 5 Tips for Choosing a Better YouTube Name

It’s better to choose a good channel name in the first place so that you can stick with it.

1.Keep it Short and Impressive

The name should be both easy to remember, it should be short and catchy. It’s a bad idea to use a name that’s more than 5 characters in length. It’s hard to remember longer channel names and still harder to tell your friends about it

The single worst way is to end up with a long username adding extra letters at the end of it. People tend to do this because their desired channel name is oftne taken. If anyone remembers the username they will only remember part of it.

2.It’s All About You

Regardless of the blog topic. It is also about who you are as a personality. The channel name should have something to speak of who you’re as a person. It can be your real name or some variation of the same. Real-life nickname won’t do.

If you don’t want to use your real name. Or think the real name would stick with people, think of what your hobbies are and what words describe you best.Come with a list of nouns and then try different combinations.

3.It’s Also About Your Audience

The name should tell others who you are and it should be relevant to people watching your channel. If people are tuning it then it is because they want to learn something from you that describes life, experiences, and more.

4.Test Drive It

It isn’t a good idea to rush to YouTube and sign up for the first channel name you like. Say out the name loud and see if its as catchy as you think of it inside your head. If it is, there are more things you can still do.

Put the channel name you are thinking of inside the search engine to ensure it is not already associated with something besides your own name.

If there’s a website with the name you chose as part of its URL then you may want to discard that name and probably use another URL. Even if you don’t think a website is a bad idea for a channel name that has a strong association with something else then do that.

If you play music on your channel and the channel has the name of a festival people might imagine that the festival and the channel are related.

You want to check this and ensure that nobody shares the same username of your channel other than you.

5.Don’t Give up!

YouTube is a site with some plenty good names and they are used by people who don’t really use them.

The first names might be unavailable and that is where most YouTubers tend to go for a generic name or dilute the idea by doing something else.

Part 2: 5 Best Free Online YouTube Name Generators in 2021

1.YouTube Name Generator:

In case if you need a YouTube name with a specific keyword, this YouTube If you’re thinking of creating a channel with a specific keyword inside, use the name generator too. It’s quite good at generating channel names matching keywords you choose. Provide it with total number of names it should generate for you and input the keywords you need. It will open up a list of actual names and made up names you can start using for your channel.

Those who want to drive seo traffic to their YouTube channel should focus on the uniqueness of the name they choose. To that end, Kparser is a good tool. It has a great algorithm and brings out the top seo ranked channel names for you.


Spinxo is one of the most comprehensive tools you can use for generating names for your YouTube channel. You can add specificslike the topic, keyword and niches, interests as well as important names. Spinxo generates the most relevant channel names with the help of the tool.

As you use a certain keyword on the platform you can check the availability on other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

4.Best Username Generator:

The username generator is the same as that of YouTube username generator as it brings made up YouTube names with search results. The news is that it has several customization options built in. After using the essential keyword you can provide more details about the number of characters they want in the name.

5.Name Generator 2:

When you are interested in getting a funny YouTube channel name to grab the attention of more viewers online, Name Generator 2 is the best thing you can do. You cannot get a ong list of keywords or  names. But the keywords it provides ae generally funny. The customization options foryoutube channel generation means they can simply add the prefix or suffix details and combine them to create something unique in the database.

Part 3: YouTube Channel Name vs. YouTube Usernames

Do you know the difference ebtween youtube channel name and usernames? Most are confused. Go through the details now to understand the differences.

1. YouTube Channel Names:

The channel name is the name by which your channel is known online. As people watch your videos online the channel name appears on the screen. They can click through the channel name to watch more of your vidoes.

The YouTube username is one that appears on the url when you vist the channel page. The time when you started youtube channel for the first time it appeared like a random string of characters. You cannot change the username. But youtube lets you customize the user id when your account is 4030d ays old and has over 100 subscribers.

So these are the chief differences between YouTube channel name and username. That’s why the Youtube channel name is important. If viewers can’t remember the name it’s hard for them to find you again.

Part 4: How to Change YouTube Channel Name

YouTube disallows you to change the name displayued on the channel. Your display name can be changed but the url of the channel doesn’t change. If you manage to build a following use one that will stop you from losing people in on it.




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