How to clean WordPress database

Clean your wordpress database steps

In this post I will be talking about a couple of things like why WordPress databases clog up after sometime and what you can do to clean them up.

Here’s how you can clean and maintain your WordPress database.

With changes to your WordPress database, it begins to load up fast. When database is corrupted or loads slowly it also drags your site down with it causing it to load very slowly.

With low speed your database is affected negative. A good and clean database loads quickly and is much more efficient.

Before you start taking care of your WordPress databases, you need to follow the steps below to create and store a backup of your site.

  1. Use the following plugins to optiimie the WordPress database
  2. A) WP-Optimize
  3. B) WP Rocket
  4. C) Advanced Database Cleaner
  5. Use PhpMyAdmin
  6. Change your Web Host
  7. WordPress Plugins to Optimize WordPress Database

There are many plugins that purportedly claim to clean your database. But only a few of them work in reality. The above plugins tend to do a splendid job at keeping your databases clean.

With this you can optimize any WordPress database and have the assurance that you won’t break the site.

  1. A) WP-Optimize

Wp-optimize is a popular wordpress optimization plugin that works magic when it comes to cleaning up your installlation.

The plugin is a boon for those who do a lot of customization on their sites. Use this plugin regularly.

There’s a cleanup schedule option. You can set the preferred time for optimizing your site. For example, you could automate the cleaning to start when you’re sleeping. Always choose inactive hours.

There’s a free and premium version for the plugin you can use.

While the free option allows you to do a lot of things, the premium version is way more advanced letting you control multiple sites from a single dashboard, leaves open the option for premium support and facilitates removing orphaned images as well.

  1. B) WP Rocket

Wp Rocket acquired fame as a cache plugin and with good reason. Wp Rocket is something that also helps you in completely optimizing your WordPress site including optimizing the database.

With a module that comes inside the plugin, it becomes easy to clean the database and optimize it for performance. THere’s also a routine database cleaning option that runs on the background even if you forget.

With the database plugin clean a lot of things like post revisions, tables, drafts and also spammy comments.

The automatic mode is ideally suited to optimize databases. As you don’t need to have any technical experience to optimize database.

  1. C) Advanced Database Cleaner

The advanced database cleaner is one of the earliest plugins that’s still heavily updated. It’s simple to use and that makes it a great choice among database plugins.

The core feature is a junk cleaner that allows you to optimize the database for speed.

Clean database tables, remove orphan meta data and descriptions, clean drafts and revisions.

Select theh data that needs to be cleaned with the Advanced database cleaner plugin. Once selected the database plugin will automatically clean huge chunks of data and leave the rest untouched.

There;s both a free and premoum version. With the premium version you can automate the database cleaning without playing with the toppms.

  1. Use PhpMyAdmin

Php my admin isnt a plugin but the cpanel tool that lets you access MySQL databases quickly. When hosting a WordPress site with cpanel access the phpmyadmin software with the cpanel.

Wth a vps like I use you might wnat to ask supprt on how to access the dabase.

Check all the tables using the option check all. CLick on options field and select the optimize table option to skillfully exeute the program.


How to keep your WordPres database clean

The WordPress backend is a hugely complicated space. The thing is the plugins you install and activate, post drafts, revisions, deleted comments, none of this is visible to you as a blogger. The wordpress dashboard only lets you see and live in the present. But, the backend is a graveyard of the past. Even if you delete plugins and restore posts to the latest version, they persist in the backedn.

The data in the plugin that is stored in the database is there. It woould remain there until you do something to clean it up.

Databases usually get clogged up with lots of useless pointless data very soon. You need a maintenance schedule, at least once per 2 months if not every month. Keeping your database spruced and cleaned up is your one stop destination to a faster site and higher rankings.

Here’s what you can do to keep your WordPress databases clean and healthy

Use the latest version of WordPress

With the newest iterant of WordPress, WordPress by itself cleans and tidies up whatever is clogging up the database.The database is renovated to the newest version.

With the WordPress installation that’s the latest you turn WordPress into a highly secure platform.

Protect your WordPress blog against spam

It’s easy to get sidetracked and not worry about Your WordPress site’s security. THousands of spammers are loking for every opportunity to DDos your site and break it. Also these same spammers want to load up your WordPress site with thousands of comments. Such attacks can wreak havoc with your site. You only want real people accessing your site, not spam bots.

To solve this problem, here’s something you can do.

Use a CDN. A CDN effectively blocks all kinds of spam traffic from making it to your site. It also gives better user experienc.e

Another thing you can do is install and activate CleanTalk plugin for protection against SPAM.

With those bots blocked you will have peace of mind and lots of saved bandwidth.


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