Top web Hosts that provide free migration for WordPress sites

Top web Hosts that provide free migration for WordPress sites

In this post we are going to read about a bunch of web hosts that provide free migration. Migration can be a pain in the ass and with the help of these hosts, there’s a dedicated support channel that provides the hard work for you.


When choosing a new host for your sites, always go with one that offer free migration. This saves tons of headache and atleast $150 that most hosts charge.

Here are 6 hosts that can do this for you


Siteground comes up with free migration on all their plans. It’s one among the listed hosts for hosting by You also get an optimized Nginx server than a hack prone apache server.

There’s full time support and ssd storage that improves page loading time.


Hostgator is one of the oldest well-known hosts available. And its a host that can handle 5000 to 10000 in traffic a month. Hostgator is one of the best choices for lite loading and lite demanding sites.

With the pricing starting at a super low price of $2.75 you get free cpanel migrations. Get a request ticket filled after signing up for the account.


Cloudways sports a great platform and is for someone who wants a managed cloud hosting server. With cloudways host the site on Digital ocean, Google or Amazon servers to name a few.

The deployment is easy too.

Free migration with every plan and costs under $10 per month.


Theres also a 14 day trial with eveyr month discount.


Inmotion is also another good host. It also comes with SSD storage.

Shared hosting but the support is unmatched. You can free ssh access, free domain and free 3 wordpress migrations as well. You also get movement of database and associated files.

The pricing starts at $6 per month. Choose the month to month or the annual plan. Get in touch with the support team to get started.


Kinsta services on quality. With great servers and focus on vps you have something powered by Google and the cloud platform. Ther e are free migrations for the pro plan and any high traffic site is easily managed by their team. Their is also instant chat support that ropes in WordPress experts as well.

With cdn you can host your sites and stay rested.

WPX Hosting

WPX hosting is managed and secure and quite fast as well. Free ddos and free support. They also take backups and perform malware scans on their own. With any plan ther’es unlimited free migration. No downtime associated with any of the plans. With ssd servers there’s no speedier host you can lay your hands on.

Flywheel hosting

With mrore than 10 or 20 sites, Flywheel should be the choice. It is one of the best known managed hosting sites.

You get free migrations up to 300 or more sites. The pricing starts at 25 dollars a month.

With hosts you get support for WordPress installation. There’s also one month money back gurantee. 

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