As a beginner you may have zero clue on how to approach the growth of your show.

Here are tips to use


Show some gratitude

Thank the audience at the end of each podcast episode.

This may be in the form of shoutouts you give to listeners or the interactions you have had with them.


The podcast exists solely because there are people to listen and people are the biggest factor driving up the viewership and listernsip of your podcasts.


That’s the reason why showing gratitude is of the essence here.

The audience is what gives you feedback and engages with you on social media. Some appreciation goes a long way.


Discover the perfect guests


Not all guests are going to be perfect fit for your show. That’s the reason you need to be really picky when it comes to choosing guests for your show. Don’t pick just anyone who wants to be a guest. He should be the right fit for you. You are doing a service by picking the right guy.


The guests should be highly engaging and relevant to the core. Always keep what your audience wants in mind before inviting over someone.


Be Yourself.


In addition if you are yourself rather than mimicking someone else you’re going to be one engaging host. That’s the first rule of creating quality podcasts. Take the time to be engaging. No one wants to listen to a boring podcasts and if you put on an act people are quick to figure that out.

Listeners know very well when someone’s acting.

Don’t let these listeners feel bad abot listening to your show. You want to come across as stiff or aloof. You want to appear lively and fresh. Don’t make the mistake of using language that flies above the heads of your listeners.


Appreciate whatever happens, acknowledge mistakes and move on.


Focus on the Conversation.

The difference between a good podcast host and a mediocre one is that a good host keeps his focus sharp on the conversation at hand. He keeps the whole thing really engaging and informal.

If yo’re engaging inn a true conversation, you would talk to them in the same way like you’re talking to a friend. Listening to this conversation feels authentic and the stream of conversation carries far and wide


YYour audience should feel as part of the podcast and feel as if they’re directly being addressed to.


Review Yourself.


Whenever you publish podcast episodes you always want to be improving yourself. That’s the best way to move ahead.

THe practice that you put to get in front of the audience helps you understand their thoughts annd views and better yourselves.


As you go on reviewing you will realize the mistakes you made during recording. You might not be able to remember everything. When you listen to the podcast, you can review the entire process and see what you can gather around the different topics.

Don’t publish new episodes just for the sake of publishing and forget about them. Keep learning.


Focus on Your Content.


Another big way to improve the engagement and presentation of the podcast is by being really engaging and interesting to the audience by presenting real and interesting content.

An engaging host will boring information is much more worthlistening to than a boring host.


The key to succeed is bringing interesting content coupled with engaging presentation.

A podcast can change lives delivering content in the best possible way.


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