CloudWays Black Friday Deal 2021 40% off deal

CloudWays Black Friday Deal 2020 40% off deal

If you are looking for a black friday deal from Cloudways, you’re right at the correct place.

Cloudways cyber monday and black friday deals are announced every year and this year is no different.

The deal is going to go live on 14th of Novlember. This is full two weeks ahead of the actual black friday day.

The deal is one of the best business doing days for all companies including Cloudways.

You can get more than 40% discount for 3 months.

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How To Activate CloudWays Black Friday Deal 2020

Click on the link to activate the cloudways black friday discount.

When you land on the page, click on get started for free.

You need to sign up here. Enter the code BFCM40 to get 40% discount.

Enter the promo code and click on start for free. Next choose the plans and make the payment. That’s all.

The coupon code to use is BFCM40. The deal is the best offer you can get on black friday from cloudways.

Best cloud based servers

Free migration

Great support and backups

As a webhost the performance of your pages is going to be nothing short of excellent. You’re going to get the highest possible benefits.

The servers are secure and safe from hackers and this secure environs are where your site is hosted. This enhances the performance of your site.

The load seconds are generally 1 to 5.

Great customer support

You don’t always need customer support, but when you do need it, you need it bad. Cloudways offers one of the most robust levels of customer support. It’s available 24*7 for your business.

With this you can solve problems that come to your online business.

You also get expert advice that help you approach and solve problems.

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Free Website Migration

In addition to all the above features, with Cloudways you’re also going to get free website migration offer.

The entire site, its files, database files, iamges and other data is going to be transferred securely.

This is in case users are not happy with the migration.

Free backups for you

With Cloudways you also stand to get free backups for your site. Even thought the platform is secure and great, better be safe than sorry. Access the site data and back it up without any real cost around it.

It only takes a single click to back up your entire site. Free backups are not provided by every host but what cloudways does will change your life.

Click Here To Activate 40% OFF

FAQ Around Cloudways hosting black friday deal

  1. What is Cloudways?

Cloudways is web hosting company that provides hosting at affordable prices.

  1. How much Cloudways cost?

The lowest priced plan starts at $10 per month where you get 25 gb storage

  1. Does Cloudways offer a free trial?

Yes there’s 3 day free trial and yoiu can take the hosting uip for a spin and upgrade it.

There’s free ssl on all plans

The support and pricing are both great. Compared to something like digital ocean cloudways is decently priced and quite affordable as well.


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