In this post we’re going to compare and contrast several webinar software and see which one would be the most apt for you.


The Livestorm webinar software is one of the most elegant and well known webinar solutions around today.

With this you can create several different types of videos. The webinars come in different shapes and sizes. The platform provide you with different modules and tools to create webinars according to your need.


To sum up here are the different things you can do:

You can conduct live events, do product demos, conduct customer training programs, do video podcasts, do hiring and video interviews and so on.


With the course module you get to organize several different classes and communicate with your students online. This areas make Livestorm so different and unique in the webinar niche.



The pricing could be the most fantastic usage factor of the tool. With the free version you can add 10 viewers and limit to 20 minutes on the webinar.

So if you have a small team or want to test things out this is the perfect option for you.

With the starter plan you can price out based on the total number of attendees for your webinar. The pricing begins at $99 per month and goes up to $319 for 1000 or more attendees.



There are several features you’re going to love about the product.

For starters you can conduct webinars in several languages.

You can also integrate the tool with other apps and export the data to excel or csv


The email automation tools that this comes with are the best and are used to send and setup reminders, status updates and even send thank you notifications for attending the webinar.


You can store an unlimited amount of webinar recording footage. Also they’re recorded automatically.

Add polls and questions and other features to get the most value.

Webinar events are in different forms like recurring and live event streaming as well.

Pros 👍

It’s pretty easy to navigate the interface and anybody can understand how to use the tool after a few short seconds.


The emails are sent automatically based on automation recipes you cooked up before and there’s little to no work involved.

You can create landing pages to get people interested and signed up.


With the free plan you can get started, after which the month to month pricing is easy to understand.

The automation and customization tools bring a new level of sophistication to the tool.



The recording quality needs more updates, because it isn’t as good as original recording.


With branding and customization options limited some may not like it well.


The attendee support doesn’t go beyond 1000. That’s going to be a problem for big companies.


LIvestorm is one of the best webinar softwares available to people who want full automation in their mind. Landing pages to email automation is available from the get go. You can also chalk in specific customization requests.



Business automation is quickly becoming the norm for many businesses.


EverWebinar is making it easy for anyone running a business bring both precorded and live webinars to the forefront.


EverWebinar also lets you organize your live webinar streams into a course format that’s easy to pick up and learn. It’s streamlined and sports a number of things like landing page templates, email automation and signup forms. For so much, you pay only a little in this feature rich webinar software platform.



The pricing of everwebinar is 597 dollars not recurring but one time. If you buy it during a promo you usually get $100 off.

That’s something to note.



You can run chats with webinar attendees throughout the webinar. This is one of the key things to determine which software platform you’re going to use.


You can also single out chats from past webinars and run through them as though were happening in real-time.


There are several email and tracking tools built in.

With tracking you get insights into behaviors and see what each attendee is worth based on what they purchased from you.


In addition you can also send email and sms automation



The best feature of the everwebinar solution or tool is that with built in tracking you know who purchased stuff from you and what they are worth to you.


The process is extremely simple when creating a live webinar that you can use to target and track people.

Another feature is sending automated smses to everyone.


Cons 👎

The one time fee isn’t something everyone can stomach.

Especially if you run one-off webinars with just a few participants.


The good thing is since its just one off you pay just once and enjoy the benefits for a lifetime.

You get the big discount.


There’s a ton of automation features.However customization features are lacking and some may find this to be very off putting.


ClickMeeting (

The next tool in our line up is clickmeeting which too has emerged as one of the best webinar solutions available today. With this invite guests, interact with them during webinars and analyze things that are happening live in front of you.


It’s a great software that’s affordably priced and provides superior user experience.



The lowest plan called the mywebinars plan starts at $22 and can list 25 participants. You can chane the participant numbers as well.


The enterprise package supports 5000 participants and shells out %165 per month from you.



The tool is powerful

There’s a waiting room for attendees

You can also enlist and take paymens for paid webinars

You can stream the webinars to YouTube and for whiteboards.

There’s also analytics and a sharing mode that includes on demand webinars, social sharing and performance.


The pricing is great and can be moved up and down based on what you want.

It’s a great webinar software that handles a large number of participants.


Pretty dope user interface

Enough tools to package, brand, create forms and market webinars.

Cons 👎


Export feature is slow and drags out a while.

The webinar templates may feel basic compared to others.

ClickMeetingn is the standard solution for businesses of all sizes. There’s a lot of flexibility in pricing. You won’t waste money.

GoToWebinar (

GoTowebinar could easily be one of the most popular webinar softwares around.

THe pricing is at par with other webinar software solutions and you can get more attendees than most tools.

What’s more is that there’s a 7 day trial period of testing. The starter plan starts at $109 per month and allows 100 participants.

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