Unbounce vs Instapage: Which is Better Review (DECEMBER 2021)

Both Unbounce and Instapage are popular landing page builders available online. They are swelling with features and get sales and traffic for you.


They are both pretty popular and have tons of users. Rich with features and software that will allow you to create landing pages targeted at all funnel stages, they’re the perfect thing to let you take to success.


There are core differences between the two landing page tools and that’s why if you don’t know what you need you may just lose out.


Depending on what you want, one of these two landing page builders is going to be the appropriate choice for you.



The biggest benefit with Instapage is that it gets you landing pages pretty quickly. These are great for AdWords campaigns.

Instapage has a number of features that you might love including one for post click automation as well.

Post click automation refers to dynamically altering those landing pages depending on where the visitor came from. That means its relevant to the ad from which they clicked through to your site.


There are multiple features you’re going to like:


There’s a completely functional awetaking drag and drop builder

There are tons of landing page templates

You can personalize these landing pages as well.

There are multiple tools like post click automation and amp in real-time. These factors make it stand out compared to others.


With the editor you can edit the piece in real-time.


In addition to butter smooth editing, the landing pages also load quite quickly that is another feather to its cap.

This is much better than what most platforms can do.


With AMP and Thor Render Engine there are some great features you shouldn’t live without. They make the landing pages load quickly reducing load times by a lot.

These help serve personalized landing pages to the visitors. Hence they don’t really bounce off. You don’t lose customers because of the slow landing pages which can turn out to be not so good experience for most of us.


AMP pages load quickly and are something loved by people visiting your site on phone.


Admap is another feature you might readily fall in love with.


With Instapage’s admap feature what you have before you is the presentation of the entire ad to lead capture funnel taking place right before your eyes.


With this create the perfect experience for visitors by understanding how they behave.


Around 500 templates are there to choose. There are layouts and conversion rate optimization factorsThere are 500 different templates to choose from. There are options between different designs and layouts to create the perfect webpage you want.

With conversion rate optimization at the front and center you have avenues to convert visitors into leads and more.


There are different form templates as well to choose from. With this you can create two step optin forms and collect emails and get people to click on call to action.


There are global boxes as well to let you save edits on custom elements. That means you can use these saved edits as templates and easily reuse those particular elements should you so wish.

It becomes available for use. This saves time.


There’s enough post click automation

You can conduct a variety of a/b tests with it.
There are both heatmaps and real time analytics to study.

With multi step conversion rate optimization you eke out the last drop of ROI performance from the traffic. It works really well at targeting visitors and get them to interact with highly personalized landing pages as well.


There’s also heatmap tool. This saves money.


With Instapage you can run conversion tests on landing pages and see how they work.


Integration options are key movers and shakers because the landing page tool should also work with the CRM we are using, the email software and payment processing tools as well.


You have integrations with almost everything on the planet, all crms, email tools, webinar tools, analytics engines, support and ecommerce platforms as well.


With proper https connection that features an auto renewing ssl certificate most of the hard work is done.

THey also have GDPR compliance and other security measures as well.


WIth the faq pages and documentation you can solve most of the problems appearing pretty quickly too.


WIth the help you can reach out to the customer support team with email tickets. There’s customer service level managers for enterprise plans too.




Unbounce is another must-have decent tool that can put a real impact on you marketing efforts with great landing pages.

Unbounce is popular and even more so compared to Instapage. If you want to get started with Unbounce here’s a coupon you can use.


With the oldest landing page software around it’s pretty rich with features. There are several kinds of templates you can use fit for every kind of build you may imagine.

There’s an easy to use drag and drop editor too.


Because of the rich features, bloggers, professionals and enterprise users all flock to the channel.


SMart traffic tests your landing pages with the help of Artificial Intelligence smarts.


With AI, you can rest assured that the landing pages are tailored to work in a manner to cut things out that are appropriate to each visitor who comes to your site. These guys are shown the exact variation that helps them convert in the best manner.


There’s a fully functional drag and drop builder where you can place elements and arrange them right.

There’s also conversion intelligence that combines the power of AI and human learning to get most ROI.

A b testing

Optin forms and sticky bars

Get you great reports and analytics to choose from.

The editing is way better and much more smooth. There’s no learning curve either.

The drag and drop is fully functional and gives you more freedom to move around images and what nots.


With a popup builder and sticky bar addon you get more features to get support and work on everything else the page builder is doing.


With every tool at your behest you are spoilt for choice when it comes to building great look call to action buttons. You can also build popups and sticky bars as well. You get the full attention of people

With ready access to 100 plus templates there are more choices than you can count on.


Like a design or element you created on a particular page and want to use that across the board. You can copy paste the element from the particular page and transport it elsewhere.

This customized design is great.

WIth amp support you get to enable the feature on all pages. The landing pages are fully responsive. Even if you don’t have AMP, the pages are accessible and optimized for all screen sizes.


Script Manager – With the script manager you have access to javascript codes that you can add to headers, footers, or other body areas on the landing page.


WIth stock image repository you have a number of free stock images to choose from. You can also compress and do further optimizations on each image you decide to choose. Don’t underestimate its power. The library is vast and gets you a number of options to choose form.


With two step optin form you can create gated content or lead forms.

The DTR or Dynamic text replacement is a unique and never replicated feature available with Unbounce. If someone clicks on ppc ads and arrives at the landing page, the words on the landing page are changed dynamically to respond to the ad. This makes for really creative and highly engaging ads.

This boosts the relevance of efforts.

The Unbounce dashboard gives you ready access to detailed analytics and data reporting you can use. Connect it with Kissmetrics, GA or another analytics tool to really find out what’s happening on your landing pages.


There are a number of integrations that play really well into Unbounce. There’s support for a number of tools from email marketing to webinar platforms. There’s a big list of integrations you can choose from.

The landing pages don’t let you worry about GDPR compliance. There’s also ssl certificates available for free and hosted on Unbounce.


Instapage vs Unbounce Pricing

Unbounce and Instapage are priced quite differently and that’s when it becomes a deal-breaker for most.


You have the option of either paying a monthly fee or paying an annual fee. With both options you can try them for free for 14 days. The trial is risk free and you can determine how the tool works with this trial period.

There are a number of features it integrates with your pipeline.

Once the trial is over there’s an annual subscription plan to opt for. Instapage offers a 25% discount on the annual plan and gets you around $50 worth of savings.


With Unbounce the discount is no more than 10% on the annual plan. That means the saving amount is around $8 per month.

Suffice to say Instapage is the more expensive option while Unbounce offers more for the price and plan.


Let’s go into detail over their plans. There are four in total

The launch plan charges $80

The optimize plan charges $108

The accelerate plan charges $180 

The scale plan charges $270

Instapage has their business plan starting at $149 and the enterprise plan depends on your needs as well.

The enterprise plan gives you add to page personalization. There’s real time collaboration, there’s page migration and others.


WIth Unbounce the features propage towards all plans. Create as many landing pages as you want, create popups and sticky bars too.

Unbounce limits on the number of conversions you get.

At 30000 conversions the plan charges you $72 monthly. At more than 30000 conversions and 50k traffic you have the concierge plan which is way better.


WIth this plan you get a dedicated support team who offer conversion advice and page migration as well.

With the business plan starting at $149 per month you get all features like AMP, uptime and other things.

Instapage isn’t really the option for people beginning out for the plentitude of features they have.

Instapage however doesn’t put a bar on conversions. However the traffic is capped to 30000 visitors a month on the business plan.


Unbounce accepts and works well with all kinds of marketers at all levels of expertise.


WIth the 20% discount for three months on Unbounce you can get started for even lower amounts.


Which is best Among Unbounce and Instapage

Hands down as a beginner and a professional Unbounce offers the biggest value for the money and the highest levels of elements that can help. THe drag and drop builder is truly diverse.


Instapage is quite quick. The pages load quickly and are quite lightweight. THe templates and blocks are accessible from the editor. Add css and javascript codes too.


Unbounce builds richly laid out pages and the interaction is smoother.

Dynamic Text replacement has the downside that the pages load slower.


With Smart traffic the traffic is shown the most relevant landing pages. The pages are highly personalized too.


Instapage has an edge for people wanting to experiment with ppc.


With post click automation, people are served highly optimized landing pages that perform really well.


That goes against Unbounce’s DTR feature which we discussed.


Unbounce form  builders and its options in sticky bars let you use scarcity marketing to the hilt.


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