Smart Podcast Player- Fusebox Review Best Podcast player APRIL 2022

There’s so much to talk about the Smart podcast Fusebox player for podcasts.

It’s a WordPress plugin with which you can display podcast episodes on your site. With branding and lead generation options its way out of the regular league of podcast players that you usually see.


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The man behind Smartplayer is Pat Flynn. It was earlier called Smartplayer and has now been rebranded to Fusebox.

Pat Flynn is an avid podcaster and it only makes sense for him to come up with a podcast player that’s smart through and through. It’s a complete tool and why wouldn’t it be with Pat having traversed the waters of podcasting in so many years. SPI blog is full of interviews of successful people.


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Fusebox comes with plenty of features. Once you start using the software you won’t be needing anything else. The features include being able to display episodes, keeping track of media and audio files and integrating podcasts to your WordPress site.


Fusebox has everything in its favor that lets you as a podcaster make compelling episodes. Your listeners can easily choose between new and old episodes. The search function makes it possible to dig for old podcasts.


In addition, an email list building and social sharing module is built in for those who want to grow their lists and shares.


What are the Features?

There are several features that are primed for the online marketer

1. Build your list with Smart fusebox player

With the list building tool, you can add sign up forms and calls to action buttons to attract people to join your email list.


With the embeddable sign up form, Fusebox smart player eliminates the need for you to use any other plugin to do the job for you.


People who are your listeners will see the prominent cta button and instinctively click on it and sign up to your list. In addition, the tool integrates with several email automation tools like Aweber, ConvertKit and Mailchimp to name a few.


Use the email integration and send the leads you’re generating directly to your automation tool from where you can market to them even better.


You will be incorrect if you assume that all you can do with the player is show podcast episodes on the site. That’s not to say the player doesn’t seamlessly integrate podcast episodes. However there’s so much more. You can get leads with the lead generation form, you can boost subscriptions and social sharing counts on the site.

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The front display has a number of options to tweak colors, the skin of the player and also the gradients and images to match the branding on your site. If you head over to SPI you see that that’s what Pat does on his blog. There are speed control features for the visitors too letting them pause, forward or rewind the play.


With a handy WordPress plugin powering its performance you can tweak the plugin to display entire list of episodes, change where its placed and also highlight new episodes as they are released.

There are frequent updates to the podcast player and you can create players for separate pages on the site.


The monthly pricing is $15.83 per month and if you pay annually with our coupon for the annual plan you get 2 months free.

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2. Smart Track Player

The smart tracker player is a customer player. The special feature is your listeners can bookmark specific episodes anywhere inside the episode and listen to them back later.


If you want to highlight specific parts of your podcasts this is the feature you need.


3. Interactive Full Player on Fusebox

The plugin has a customizable player that allows you to change the looks of the player. You can change its skin, colors, you can add or remove descriptions.There are playing sort options, speed settings and a customizable logo area to upload your logo.


The beautiful design of the player adds to its user experience. With a few push buttons you can alter the look and feel of the player and this supports brand building.


4. Download & Share Options

In addition, the player has a number of social media sharing options.


You can also share to other podcast networks. There’s a download button that lets you download the podcast episode as an mp3 file.


Share podcasts on social media networks and use embedding options.


There are a number of social share options built inside the player that you can toggle to choose.


5. Subscription Buttons

There are also in-built subscription options should you publish the podcast on networks like iTunes, on Soundcloud, on Google play and others.


Set the podcast player settings and enter the subscription buttons for you to start showing the options.



Get 33% off on the smart podcast player(fusebox player)

The screen player is mobile friendly and fits to any screen size you throw at it. With this listeners across mobile devices can experience the sound and play in the best possible way.

6. Shortcodes

If you’re a WordPress user you must be familiar with the concept of shortcodes.

Use the following shortcodes [smart_podcast_player] and [smart_track_player] in your WordPress post page to get to display the full tracker. There’s a full list of shortcodes that make life easy for you.


Click find here.


There’s shortcodes for hiding download buttons, to display rss subscriptions options, to change skin and other elements.


Unlike other players, this player loads quickly. There’s no lag time and that makes it really useful when people are using it. The features are good and yet the plugin is light to use.


There are more features in the player that can increase the number of downloads.


Pricing of the smart podcast player fusebox

Now comes the most important part. It’s a premium plugin that’s useful and worth it.

Get 33% off on the smart podcast player(fusebox player)

You can get started for free albeit with limited functionality. That said it only costs $8 per month if you pay annually.


The free account is enough for anyone to get started using the plan and test drive the features.


There’s the monthly and annual subscription options to choose form


You get a 33% discount with our link and have a steady $47 reduction on the plane.


If you forget to renew license the plugin still works. However you won’t get support from the team


There’s detailed documentation on everything about the plugin so that you enjoy success.


You get an ironclad 60 day guarantee of purchase.


your money gets back to you.


If you are a beginner, the best thing you could do is buy a monthly subscription of Fusebox Podcast Player and see if you are satisfied with it or not. You’ll still have 60 days to claim your refund.


You can reach the team at to request a refund as well.


There are free and paid plugins for playing podcasts. What makes Fusebox different is it comes from none other than Pat Flynn a fantastic podcaster himself. The design is snappy and customizable. You get unique skins that are focused on conversions. What’s more is you get to create your email lists and share your podcasts with the world.


The installation and configuration couldn’t have been simpler. It’s just like installing another WordPress plugin for podcasts and getting started with it.


Match the theme of your site with the plugin to get more conversions.


The podcast player works with every podcast host I know. Just copy paste the feed url and you’re set to go. Don’t upload podcast files to WordPress and bloat your storage immediately.


When you get started with it you will grow your business by leaps and bounds.


If you run a podcast and want to grow our business and generate more money out of it, this is for you.


The player is screen responsive

Google has been paying particular attention to sites that are fully mobile responsive. They are generally ranked higher.

People are increasingly accessing sites on mobile and podcasts even more so because podcasts are the perfect fit to multitasking. When people drive they listen to podcasts and what better way to achieve this than by using a mobile phone. Mobile phone responsiveness is such imperative.

Smart podcast fusebox player is responsive and fits to screen sizes perfectly. So access it on laptop, tablet or phone the screen adapts and gives a great user experience.

The player is also fast loading.

Sticky Player

The Sticky Player is a single-track player that sticks to the top or bottom of a web page. Even when a user scrolls up/down, the player remains in its position. This is another effective way to draw your audience’s attention towards a specific episode. The latest version of SPP even lets you create individual sticky players for separate episodes and web pages.

Great support through and through

Pat is known as a great guy and that niceness reflects through his podcast player as well.

The fusebox smart podcast player by Pat Flynn is user friendly, easy to use and checks all the tick boxes on great user friendliness.


Despite that you might find yourselves needing the expert assistance of the customer support team and its easy to get Monday through Friday. With that the knowledgebase is stock full of support articles, queries and answers to most common FAQs. There are tutorials to guide you and an installation guide that caters to you every step of th way.


The customer support is also there, fully responsive.


The several features and real life experience of using the product means people are finding their savior in this podcast player.


To sum up

There’s advanced speed control and rewind features for audience. Boost downloads with the social sharing and subscription features. There’s also enhanced listening built in. There are different modes the player works on. You can choose to highlight several features. The player is mobile responsive and great for today’s listeners who are on the move and like multitasking. The customizable skins mean that the episodes look great and invite attention from the right people.


Install the plugin. With the help of shortcodes its easy to activate or deactivate features as you prefer.

Get 33% off on the smart podcast player(fusebox player)


Pat being a marketer recognizes the importance of getting leads and downloads from the podcast and that’s why the player is choke full of options to do just that.

There’s social sharing and lead capture options that elevates it beyond standard free podcast players.


The player is compatible only with WordPress websites. Pat has chosen not to spread himself too thin and that’s the reason you can build out your blog and host your podcasts getting significant number of downloads.

There’s no free trial though. However the relatively affordable pricing, great features and excellent support make it a must have should you choose to go with podcasting.

What do you think?

Get 33% off on the smart podcast player(fusebox player)


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