SEMrush free trial DECEMBER 2021

To get the free trial just click on the link below.


Once you go the page you need to enter your registration details and get yourself going for the SEMrush account. The account will be immediately activated. The good news is you will only be charged for the said account after the expiry of the trial period.

There are several features of SEMrush and it’s an awesome tool that can help you conduct competitor SEO research.


Keyword research: With keyword research you get a number of profitable low key keywords. These are also called low hanging fruits as there isn’t much trouble or work needed to start ranking for these. Just enter the seed keyword and the keyword magic tool does the rest. What you get is a rich set of related keywords around the main subject and that which you can use to power up your blog content. Tools like SEMrush and Answer The Public are all great for doing keyword research.

Content analyzer: Next you have the rich content analyzer that boosts on page optimization to make sure that you are primed for ranking.

Competitor keyword research: Then there’s the competitor research module. With this you can find out all the keywords your competitor sites rank for. It’s a rich feature to understand what makes them tick and what brings them most traffic.

Competitor backlink analysis: Another powerful feature with SEMrush is you see the most powerful backlinks your competitor has and you can then devise your own backlink strategy based on this.

Domain vs domain: You can also pit one domain against another and see the keywords, the traffic, the number of backlinks and other things around it.

Crawl audit tool: With the crawl audit tool you get a tool that crawls a site and tells you on how you can improve the site and better its on page SEO.

Advertising research: With this you get the ad keywords the site is targeting.

Brand monitoring: With brand monitoring you get to track the mentions of brand online. Hugely useful if you’re generating pr or keeping track of bad press

There’s also a social media poster that logins into your social media profiles to automate social content posting.


How to avail the free trial of SEMrush?


To get the free trial just click on the link


Is SEMrush offering 60-day trial or more?


There used to be a 60 day long trial way before but that’s no longer the option. There’s no option to do this.

The trial length is now set to a maximum of 30 days.


Should I need to get the subscription to continue after the free trial is completed?


Once the free trial ends you card will get automatically charged. If you don’t want to continue or forget to cancel you can always get back the money by using the money back guarantee.


With the free plan you get access to domain analytic reports in a day, create a list with keyword magic tool, do 2 free searches on topic research, track 10 keywords, crawl up to 100 pages and so on.


Which SEMrush plan is suitable for me?


As a blogger the guru or business plans are idea for you. They also have one of the largest backlink and keyword indexes in the world. So you’re set for a good ride with these guys.

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