In this post we’re going to examine how to plan your podcasts well with scripts.


Begin with a written script


Write your script keeping in mind how you speak naturally. Because that’s how you’re going to sound on your podcast.

If you come across off as reading the whole thinng. You should write down exactly as you speak.

This helps you escape the formality associatedwith writing.

Read out aloud to see if it matches the way you speak. ALways make sure to infuse your personality in your podcasts. Otherwise the whole thing comes across feeling as way too stuff. And that’s not great for you.


The script needs to reflect the exact way you speak and feel and should resonate with yur audience the most.


Paint Pictures with Your Words


With a podcast all you have is your voice. Unlike a blog post where you can make your point with visuals like images or videos there’s no help here. THat means you need to etch details into whatever you speak. Yo should help people picturize the citation. Tell stories, news and other things to helpthem do so.


Keep It Concise


The script you use to tell people these stories should be shot and sweet.

Reading directly kills the naturity that you would have otherwise brought to the whole thing. So keep in natural and highly un artificial.

The scripts need to the be short and the point minimizing the distance between what you want to say and what you really say.


Give Yourself Flexibility

You nneed to give yourselves ample flexibility. You might want to use certain words. You want to make your point with certain stories, new items, cover them in the script and use certain vocabulary and choice of words. All goood. But, you should also be a teensy little flexible around words and mannerisms .

This flexibility makes your podcast extremely easy to understand and quite interesting.


Make It Your Own

Whatever you podcast on realize that your audiennces’s needs are quite different. Also your ownn comfort level with how you present podcasts and speak things, the kind of details you include are all going to make the podcast more or less appealing to uer.

Podcasters if you’re starting out may want to rely more on their script for fear of going off topic The fear is understandable. The segments of your podcast may require some scripting. A broad outline can help.

However make sure you don’t repeat things word for word and rely on broad pointers like intro, sponsor messages calls to action and so on.


If you’re podcastinng on your own that’s way different than podcasting with other people like guests. Prepare points in advance and coordinate well the the guest so that there’s no scope for confusion or interruption.

Take a look at some script templates and make sure you create your own before you start venturinng out on your own.


Podcast Script Template:


Intro: Say the name of podcast, introduce yoruselfves

Music Jingle: Repeat at beginning of each episode to help listeners easily identify your podcast (Duration)

Topic 1: Establish the theme of the podcast and discuss a point

Topic 2: Discuss another point or segment

Interlude: [Music break or sponsor ad] (Duration)

Topic 3: Discuss the third point or segment in more detail

Topic 4: [Discuss one point, topic, or segment in detail] (Duration)


Thank audience

Closing jingle


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