Mangools tools review 2020

Mangools tools review

Mangools combines a number of SEO and keyword research tools into one rolling together features and benefits that you miss on other tools. In addition Mangools is also affordably priced for all it provides making it one of the best tools for keyword research, backlink analysis, competitor analysis and rank tracking. You name it they have it.

Mangools basic starter plan that provides access to all these features starts at a modest $30 per month.

5 seo tools make up Mangools which means Mangools is an all-rounder when it comes to SEO tools.

  • KWFinder is the most popular tool from Mangools. It helps you discover the best keywords for the site offering hundreds of thousands of variants and suggestions around a seed keyword.
  • SERPChecker is a SERP tool that checks the rankings of target keywords according to geo locations and also mobile rankings for regions you specify.
  • SERPWatcher tracks the daily rankings for the set of keywords you upload
  • LinkMiner shows you the backlinks of your competitors entirely,
  • With siteprofiler you get access to the most important metrics underscoring the competitor site performance.

These tools pack in all the required punch for you to demolish your competitors entirely.

  • With the basic plan you’re limited to 100 keyword lookups per day and the highest paid plan 1200 keyword lookups.

With keywordfinder you get information on cost per click, exact search volumes and also keyword difficulty scores, helping you plan your site’s content, architecture and everything else in between.

You get trends data, search volume, cost per click and kd figures Tons feature doesn’t differ that much from other similar tools. You get a list of keyword ideas to use.

You might see several search suggestions popping up on Google search. With autocomplete you get access to this list of ideas to use.

Then there’s the questions feature that shows you relevant questions people ask around your core keyword. With this you can add a FAQ section and also direct the content towards answering these questions making the content all the more useful to readers.

By knowing questions people are asking already you know how to frame your content in the best possible way

Kwfinder gives you all individual details about keywords including search volumes and other important pieces of data you can use.


It’s a google serp checking tool.

You can look up between 100 to over 1200 keywords a day.

SERPchecker helps you see the search positions for a keyword that’s not altered by your personal bias.

When you plan on working on a keyword to generate traffic and rankings, the first order of business is to guage how many are already are ranking for the keyword and understand if heavy weight sites are before you in the SERPs. Understanding all of that is crucial to determine the competition that you need to ride over before you start ranking.

When you enter a keyword the tool gets you a difficulty score based on several things like the number of links to the page and average domain authority. You also see page authority, cf and tf factors too.

This gets you an idea of the links you need to haul to start ranking. If you look at the number of referring domains for the first few results that’s the number of links you too need to succeed.

Also RDs as in unique number of domains is better metric than total number of links.

SERPchecker furnishes you further details on every keyword you spend time looking up at. The tool also gives other details like if a featured snippet has captured the ranking for the said keyword, if there are knowledge boces that capture rankings and so on.

What isSERpwatcher is keyword rank tracker

You get between 200 to 1500 keywords tracked. You can also track as many domains as you want

The keywords are updated daily with target keyword ranking. If you don’t measure how the rankings change you won’t know if you are tracking correctly or not.

Also it becomes difficult to measure the ranking of each and every keyword on a daily basis. Instead, if you use the SERPwatcher the process is entirely automated for you.

Be it 1 10 or a dozen.

The dashboard offers you a progress counter on the rankings around the keywords.

If you add the list of keywords you want to rank for, the tool tracks the keywords on a daily basis.

You also get more details regarding how the site performs.

Then there’s the Dominance Index prepared by Mangools that gives you a rough index of the organic traffic of the site based on the keywords you are already ranking for.

You also get a list of the big upswings in the organic index happening to your site

This way you know and have a fair idea regarding the keywords or set of keywords you are progressing on and the set of keywords you seem to be declining on.

Based on where you rank you also understand how much ctr and eventual traffic you stand to get.


Shows the backlinks of competitors or any site

Depending on the plan you get between 2000 to 15000 backlink rows.

Earlier what your competitors did to rank their own sites used to be anyone’s guess. Not anymore. You can reverse engineer what they are doing by uncovering the backlinks they are acquiring. And you know that links are the greatest tool anyone has when it comes to ranking sites

You get links to their pages and also find links they have lost over time.

When you add the url onto linkminer you get a list of all the links the page has generated.

For the pages analyzed you see trust flow, citation flow, number of referring domains and other key metrics.

With linkminer you also see dedicated links like forum, blog and q and a links.

You also see link strength and alexa rank of the links.

You have the export option to export the file as csv to view the links offline.


You can perform between 20 to 150 link lookups per day.

The siteprofiler tool gets you a quick profile on competitor sites.

What data is presented? Almost all important metrics like DA, PA, citation flow and trust flow are presented.

You get alexa rank, number of referring domains and social shares on the domain.

There’s also an anchor text cloud box that shows you the anchor text diversity to show you the anchors competitors are employing. This way you can use the right anchors as well.

You see the kind of anchors normal in the niche.

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