How to make money with the fiverr affiliate program



In this post you’re going to get answers to several questions you may have.

Is fiverr’s affiliate program worth it

Is it good enough.

Can someone make $1000 or more with it.

This is the truth of the fiverr affiliate program review.

Fiverr affiliate program review 2021- How much money can you really earn?

Table of Contents

What is Fiverr and How Does it Work?

Fiverr is the world’s biggest online marketplace. Thousands of freealancers with varying skills frequently flock to the platform to make money. Fiverr is a spinoff of $5 because that was the pricing of the services initially.

The marketplace is large and you can find almost anything you want there.

The platform is divided into mega categories such as:

  • Writing;
  • Translation;
  • Business;
  • Marketing;
  • Video;
  • Music;
  • Design;
  • Programming;

Those are the prime categories. The primer categories have several subdivisions or subcategories.

Fiverr Pro is another advanced section. There only few sellers who get accepted to the Pro section and these applicants can command $500 or more for their services.

These freelancers are used by the big brands

  • Fiverr Learn where premium courses are sold for $19. 
  • Fiverr elevate that offers discounts for businesses at all stages
  • AND CO offers business software for reporting time tracking and invoicing

Company Profile

  • Fiverr launched in 2010
  • Micha Kaufman is CEO
  • Is based in Israel
  • Fiverr is available in 190 countries
  • Starts at $5 but gig workers can charge to the tune of thousands
  • Plenty of people make 5 to 6 figures.


How to Join Fiverr’s Affiliate Program?

It’s both easy and free to join and here are the steps.

Step #1– Go to the Fiverr home page and sign up.

Step #2- Enter details with a strong password

Step #3– Tell them about promotional ways. Be honest/

You’re going to enter the same material as everyone else

The acceptance is immediate with no manual review of the account. Once you’re in let’s see how you can use the platform to start making money.

Why Promoting Fiverr affiliate program is easy

  • The homepage invites clicks
  • Support for affiliates
  • Great commissions
  • Three to four payment options
  • Deep linking
  • All competitors are now dead.

Homepage Designed for Maximum Clicks and Sales

As an affiliate if you send someone to the homepage the site is designed to get them started. It’s easy to both signup and find services. The popup effectively guides people to a new account.

Its designed to get conversions

#2- Tools to make the job easy

Fiverr offes support every step of the way offering you banners and creatives

Filter them by names

Brands sizes


And file formats


It’s one of the best things for an affiliate and is great for conversions.

#3- Deep Linking Available

What are deep links?

Deep linking is when instead of generic links to the homepage you send them to a specific Fiverr product to promote. These deep links are better than simple homepage links.

It’s faster to link to freelance section if you’re talking about freelancing on Fiverr.

You can search on Fiverr for that gig directly with deep linking.

to go right away.

#4- Excellent Commission Structure and Rates

There are four levels of cmissions

#1- Revenue Share Model

The model lets you a cut for every purchase a referral makes. It can be today or many years down the road.

Fiverr takes 20$ of commission and you get 20% of that.

The revenue share model isn’t for everyone.

#2- CPA Model

This is a system where you get between $15 to $50 depending on first time buyers.

The earnings depend on the subservice

For example:

  • Whiteboard and explainer videos –  $50
  • WordPress – $40
  • Blog posts and articles- $25
  • Copywriting services –  $30
  • Everything else – $15

#3- Hybrid Model

With this you get $10 CPA and then 10% revenue share from every purchase they make in 12 months. You are going to get instantly rewarded for the effort and then some passive income.

Some other sections also offer rewards

  • $150 for Fiverr Pro,
  • 30% for Fiverr Learn,
  • 30% for AND CO transactions.

#4- Sub-Affiliate Model

With the sub affiliate model you can refer affiliates to the associate program.

You get 10% of their affiliate earnings

#5- Many Payment Options

Payments are sent upon request and once you have $100 in the account. Receive payment by PayPal Payoneer or bank account transfer.Fiverr is a leader in the gig services category. That’s why it’s a great opttion for anyone to promote./

3 Fiverr Affiliate Program Cons-

  • Commissions for first time buyers only
  • $100 payment threshold is a bit high
  • Commission capping

#1- Commissions for First Time Buyers Only

With the second model you’re paid for referring users who have never used fiverr before.

If they have old account that’s not used you’re not going to be paid. The hybrid model gives you 10% on all purchase made for next 12 months.

#2- Affiliate Payment Threshold is Pretty Steep

You get paid after hitting $100. This is high.

#3- Commissions are Capped

The most paying program is Fiverr pro that has $150 commission. The pro gigs can routinely run over $1000 so that seems small.

#1- Create a Mega List of Gigs You’ve Used for Your Business

If you’re a regular user oF Fiverr and used many of their bigs you can create a resource bundle of all servies. With this listicle you can include short description and your affiliate link and get paid.

#2- Deep Link

Deep links are helpful and relevant.


With deep linking you’re doing readers a deep help.

Deep link like your life depends on it and know you’re doing your readers a favor. Because they want and need solutions to their burning problems as fast as possible.

And maybe some Fiverr gig is exactly what they need.

How to Create Deep Link On Fiverr Affiliate Platform?

To create a deep link on the platform, first log in to the platform. On the left sidebar go to marketing tools>> default and deep links.

Use the URL of the gig to promote. 

Click the landing page button to the top right corner. Add the link and press enter. Doing this creates the deep link for you and all you need to do is copy the link for the model you want.

#3- Write a Fiverr Review

People reading up Fiverr review want a gig but they are only looking for additional confirmation. Your review is going to help them.

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