Kartra Discount Coupon Codes JUNE 2020: 14 Days Trial

In this post I am going to talk all about Kartra and why this is such a dope deal.

Many imagine Kartra to be in the same league like clickfunnels. While there’s a grain of truth to those claims, the reality is clickfunnels is about creating a funnel and Kartra is an all in one solution spanning landing pages, sales funnels, hosting and email automation rolled into one.

Katra is different from all its competitors and with this review you get a coupon/discount to try it for free and see how it goes for you.

Katra now costs less with these coupons

You can try Katra for 14 days for just $1.

The developers are Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins, both well known marketers and combined they produced an ecommerce and marketing tool software that brings much needed automation to your workflows.

What does Kartra do

SOmething like Infusionsoft or Keap sets you down by a hundred dollars a month.

$ 120 per month. And if you are managing an ecommerce store you need additional functionalities, little bells and whistles that cost you even more.

If you’re integrating with an email marketing automation tool that will cost a few hundred dollars more. Want landing pages or funnels? Prepared to pay $99 a month for Leadpages or convertkit.

If you want to add online courses you need a teaching platform that costs another 100 per month.

A host marketing platform and analytics tool all cost money and that’s where Katra stands out with its singular pricing that is easy to understand and doesn’t cost nearly as much.

Kartra-Discount -Coupon -Codes-home-page-email

Katra can do almost all of this at$99 per month. The learning curve isn’t steep and you can easily recognize what you want to do with it.

The interface is easy to understand and learn from.

It’s an excellent choice as it keeps you open. You can create drag and drop campaigns from scratch and also learn from DFY campings already listed on the platform.

To sum up you get a 14 day free trial for $1

And here are the Key features of Kartra

The fees s very low

Online business management that includes a number of tools

Set up funnes

Set up upsells ad crosells andofers

Online teaching platform

Email automation

Video hosting

1. Kartra creates stunning marketing pages.

With Katra creating landing pages product pages and entire marketing funnels is easy as pie. You need not be worried about all those features.

You can set up optin pages


2. Email marketing is huge & a very vital point in marketing.

You can create automatic email marketing funnels, set up drip marketing campaigns . You can easy use template

s. Detailed Analytics.

With Kartar you get detailed analytics as people move through the funnel. You get a distinct view of the stages of funnel they are at. You can statistics associated with the campaign and all what you need. Katra is great for online courses. For podcasts use the Smart podcast player.

4. There are also flexible Shopping carts.

Katra is your one stop destination to magene payments and see through sales and subscriptions.

5. It Allows email integration.

The messaging service lets you automate your email flow.

customers fast, helpful and thoughtful customer service.

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