FREE seo tools 2020


In this post we will be discussing about 35 different SEO tools you can start using today to lift your marketing strategy.


Google analytics

Google analytics is a free analytics suite to help you understand the visitors on your site. It’s free to install and use on as many sites as you like. With the tool, you can see the number of visitors, number of sessions, number of pageviews, the most popular posts, unique pageviews on each, the bounce rate and other key metrics that help you understand if your site is growing or declining.


Clicky Analytics

Clicky isn’t exactly free beyond a point but for our purposes and uses even with some limits you can use the analytics platform to understand visitors on your site. The interface is relatively clean compared to Google analytics.

With the free version, you can see traffic sources, the keywords people use to reach the site, the traffic on individual pages and bounce rates.


PageSpeed Insights

Mobile responsiveness and website loading times are key ranking factors. To that end, use Google’s free tool the PageSpeed to insights to glean a better understanding of what you can do to improve and optimize your site better. The recommendations are all actionable so that you can even as a novice understand and take action.

Also here’s an SEO analyzer for you.


Another free tool that tells you what’s wrong with your site and provides you with actionable recommendations to prop up website speed, to improve page loading and improve the overall feel of your website.

The tool however relies on PageSpeed and Yscore to generate its detailed report. So 



The free Moz tool is now severely limited in what it can do. You check the DA of a website once and they ask you to upgrade. Unlike that, the Mozbar is actually free and as Chrome extension offers a number of features you can use. You get SEO insights on websites and from SERPs(Search engine page results). Also check website and domain authority.



RankMath is a free SEO plugin for WordPress sites. The plugin does a lot of on page optimization work for you ranging from adding meta descriptions, meta tags and optimizing the overall SEO scores of pages and blog posts.

You can also generate and submit sitemaps with RankMath. The plugin is relatively light compared to Yoast SEO and has much more added capability.



Canirank runs your site by a lot of different tools to tailor make a set of actionable recommendations for your own website. The tool makes the job easy for you by compiling actionable data from lots of different resources, tying it all together in one place.


SEO site checkup

Run your website through SEO site checkup to understand all the different SEO problems on your website.

The site highlights all the pages that are missing title tags and meta descriptions. You get to see the pages without too long or too short meta titles. You also get to see if your images are missing alt tags and descriptions. All combined, the number of insights the tool offers can get your site to speed in no time.


LSI Graph

You must have heard the benefits of Latent Semantic Indexing before this. The LSI tool comes in handy when you have to generate a list of keywords for your site. Enter the keyword, click on submit and you get lots of LSI keywords stemming from the main keyword.



With SEObility you can check the basic optimization issues on your website. Monitor up to 10 keywords and for 3 competitors and you can uncover basic insights into them.


Varvy SEO tool

Varvy is a free SEO tool like the above that helps you understand and score your site on different metrics like its mobile friendliness, page score and the security issues on the site.


Grammarly Chrome Extension

With the grammarly chrome extension, you can run your content through it and check your content for basic grammar issues.

The tool highlights basic typos and sentence errors in red and gives you suggestions on what you can improve. Don’t expect all its errors to be correct. But if you made an oversight, Grammarly is quick to point that out.


Hemingway editor

I was quick to learn that when you write for the web, its important you write in a way that its easy for people to read what you say. The Hemingway editor helps with just that. When you copy paste text into Hemingway, the tool highlights different sections to point out areas that are difficult to read and comprehend.

The tool lets you simplify the complexity of your sentence structures. 



I don’t remember how long ago I started using SimilarWeb. The tool has a number of uses for a marketer and helps you develop an in depth understanding regarding the traffic numbers on a website. The estimates are sometimes scarily accurate.

One thing I don’t like about the tool is that the data isn’t always updated to reflect the changes brought on by the onslaught of Google’s algorithm updates.

So the traffic data you might find might be a bit old compared to the actual numbers. Also, SimilarWeb often tends to give a heavy preference to organic search engine traffic rather than traffic generated from social media or other channels.

So to sum up the traffic estimates miss a lot of important things.


UberSuggest by Neil Patel

Neil Patel bought UberSuggest and completely revamped the tool to include a ton of insights ranging from keyword research modules to competitor research insights to backlink analysis and keyword rank tracking to name a few. Neil keeps adding new features by the day and the tool is a marketing powerhouse for anyone to use.

I love the competitor intelligence module using which you can uncover pages and keywords that bring traffic to a competitor site. You can check traffic history and ranking history for a website as well.



With website speeds being an important factor in rankings, you cannot do with a slow website. To get your website up to speed the key is to reduce page load times. One of the biggest factors that play a big role in increasing website speeds is image size. So if you can reduce image size you will see a marked improvement in website load speeds. With TinyPNG you can reduce load speeds without sacrificing the quality of the images.



It’s a 100% free plagiarism checker you can use to run your own content and content guest bloggers send to ensure that the content you have at hand is free of plagiarism. Other than copyright issues you might run into, there’s always the possibility that Google might demote your rankings should you choose to use copied content from elsewhere.

The accuracy is on point with the biggest factor in its favor being that the tool is fast and easy to use.


BeamUs Up

As a tool, beam us up lets you analyze your site and find out errors in indexing and crawling issues.


Google Search Console

Formerly known as Google webmaster tools, the search console is your one stop destination to figure out traffic and on site issues with your website. You get a brief insight on the keywords your site ranks for, the top pages and the backlinks your website has. Combined the Search console lets you identify key issues like duplicate content, missing https tags and so on that helps you improve your site.


Broken Link Checker

If you’ve a WordPress website and aren’t using Broken Link Checker why not?

I don’t know about you but I found that for my sites, if I keep sporting a lot of junk broken links my ranking goes down. That by itself is a good reason to use the plugin to weed out all broken links. It’s handy and useful and automates an otherwise time taking task. Services, business and blogs go out of business every now and then.


Drop My Link

As the name suggests, add your website to the tool and see a list of link building and guest posting opportunities you can start by using right away.

You can get a list of roundups, link features and other opportunities straight away with the tool. If you use the SEMrush trial you can get a free account for 30 days.

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