Subscribers Tutorial: How to Set up Free Push Notifications on Your Website

With this plugin you can set up free push notifications for your website or for your blog.

Push notifications are one of the greatest biggest features you can use to generate continued engagement for your website and get visitors to it.

It’s a perfect solution for marketers to track the status of orders and to see content and everything else you need.

It’s a free tool to send push notifications that gives you a lot of traffic.

This will help reengage visitors.

It’s a good tool to skyrocket your marketing efforts and send a number of push notifications that work on different browsers on both mobile and chrome and firefox as well.

There are more recent features that you will find useful as well

Revenue Tracking: With this you get to see the return on investment of your The roi invested will help you meet the financial goals of the company. With revenue generated you get the revenue that each subscriber brings to the fore.

Rich Push Notifications: With rich notifications you can grab subscriber attention for your products.

Staggered Sends: Sennd the push notification spread over a larger period of intervals rather than sending them all at once and at one go.

Segmentation by GeoLocation, Device, & Browser: You can also send these notifications and target them by different locations, devices or browsers and send a different targeted message creating a unique experience for each customer.

Advanced Analytics: With the campaign details on your handn you can improve your marketing efforts.

To send free push notifications here’s what you can do:

How To Get Started With

Here’s the tutorial you need to send push notifications to allow people to sign up install adn collect push notifications to subscribers.

Step 1

Go to . Next, register your account. With the free account you can collect 200 or more subscribers. There are paid plans but you don’t need these plans at the start initially

Once you have collected the number of subscribers you need you can upgrade later on.

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