Copywriting Strategies To Grow your blog and business

If you want more sales and many more leads you must use the power of copywriting to come through.

With copywriting you’re constantly improving the number of leads generated and get more sales as well.

And that’s precisely what I’m giving you today.

A short and sweet headline

The headline needs to succinctly explain what the landing page is about. The headlines are supposed to deliver a big punch.

Headlines help readers see the purpose of the page and what it is about.

Truly doesn’t matter which products or services you’re offering, the same rule apply everywhere.

You must offer value and this will help you get attention in return.

The headline should detail the purpose behind why you wrote the article or the page.

A headline can offer suspense and build up the necessary level of excitement possible. The posts should have context and highlight the actual result.

Understand Your Audience

The copy should be around what the audience loves to read and like. All copywriters are masters at understanding people and what they want above everything.

You need to answer several questions like.

Who is the copy for?

If the copy is engaging and readable.

If the audience can process the landing page and glean insights from the page.

Offer reasons behind why people should read something.

WIth enough research you will be able to drive feedback and get a deeper understanding of the audience.

Using Google Analytics

Google analytics happens to be your one stop destination to understand how people are interacting with your site. You get to see the landing pages. You see how the traffic moves through your site and which parts of the site move them through the funnel.


Use Social Media

Use social media to fuel the growth of your blog. WIth Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram you will be able to understand the best kind of content that will go really well in your industry. You can see what competitors are doing and post content on those relevant channels.

Understand what competitors are doing

Competitors are already successful with their products and are established leaders where they are.

If you’re using a tool like SEMrsh you get a bunch of insights regarding the competitors. You understand their traffic, the content that’s the topmost, traffic analytics and ppc campaigns they run currency.

This helps understand which pages are getting them their highest levels of traffic and if they are scoring big with organic traffic.

Listen to your customers


As a customer they can bring unparalleled feedback from experience of using your product. That’s valuable to you as a customer. The customers will showcase what they expected from the product and if the delivery was able to meet these expectations.

  1. There are few questions that need answers like if the product lives up to the claims made.
  2. Is the service correct. Are the essential things intact?
  3. Is it going to be referred to friends and others?
  4. WIll the existing customers keep using the product.
  5. How easy the website is for navigating around.
  6. Are they going for recommendations on purchase.
  7. Is the copy relevant for sale?

There are hundreds of things you need to know and study and ask the audience before you venture out and create and market the product. A detailed analysis is required.

Email marketing holds the potential to have much greater impact than other kinds of marketing because the cost of acquisition is much lower.

Offer more number of things

When you’re offering a service you have a number of things to test. You can develop and create multiple products to see which one goes well with the customers the most.


If you don’t understand what your audience is and what they want most you’re failing to attract the right kind of audience to the product. WIth a niche audience you fail to secure different price points for services and destroy any possibility of converting them.

A niche targeted audience helps you reach your money-making goals faster.

A target audience marketing is ideal to make money and do affiliate marketing in the right manner. You must have products to choose and upsell or cross sell as well.


When you create a better offer studying what customers want most you are targeting them and creating better offers.

This should reflect in the landing page. Ultimately what this does is sell to a bigger market and create a much more keen offering that you like.

Leverage Social Proof


Social proof is one of the best things to add on landing pages. Social proof simply adds the trust people can have about your product. You can create a lot of trust with adding the right kind of social proof.


It grabs attention and inspires people to trust you because so many other people have done the same for you.


If you’re getting something and telling people about it, the odds are that other people might too want to experience the same thing. Social proof inspires us to take action, creating a desire for things we need not know we need.

People always live in the fear of missing out. They don’t want to miss on discounts or trend.s


Social proof works its magic on the fear of missing out on and creates so many leads and new customers for you.

Use proof can generate this proof with relative ease.

Attention-Grabbing Multimedia

With images and videos your copy might come across as off putting. These images and videos are what drive the point home and make your copy all the more engaging.


Be it a landing page or an email newsletter designed to sell something, images and videos with well-designed calls to action get people to engage and react with your creation.


There’s a noticeable reduction in bounce rates and it educates people about things much more easily.

With videos you certainly get an upper hand. There are tons of tools helping you capture videos and shoot them straight to emails.

Custom images are another idea you could very well use.


Social proof increases the number of people interested in a product. In the same way testimonials too help build your case. Without reviews or testimonials trust is difficult to build.

Testimonials are recommendations and reviews around a product.

YOU can also ab test different tools and see which one works better than most.When asking for testimonials from your customers or colleagues, you should be asking questions such as:

  • The way they’re going to review a particular product or the service.
  • How has the product helped them
  • Ask them to rate the experience.
  • The most notable thing out of it
  • Service level satisfaction.
  • Any recommendations for the service.
  • You generally need recommendations online to sell the product.
  • Among testimonials video testimonials hold a great deal of potential because they tend to make a big impact on purchase decisions.

When you see and hear from others you yourselves get trust from the same.

Testimonials need not be boring; you can do them at scale with tools like Ninja OUtreach. You can use other email automation tools for this as well.

When you reach out to customers these sequences can be fired off automatically and get you tons of them on autopilot.

A testimonial takes time and you can offer coupons or discounts to facilitate the process.

Emotional Storytelling

People generally buy things with emotions and later justify their purchase.

All those trigger happy purchases you made before are emotional decisions you tend to rationalize later onn.

95 percent of our decision making occurs without us actively thinking about those decisions.

People have buy urges and things like relationships and pride take the front seat.

We can check time on less expensive watches. Nobody needs an audi but still they are purchased because of the emotional reasons and how these make us feel about them.

Emotional triggers in the copy boost purchases..

Your content needs to resonate with people.

Connect with the audience. See the problems they have and the experience they have and make connections.


With copy you need to work on delivering the offer correctly.

If you can’t deliver on what you’re saying don’t make those promises in the first place to begin with.

The call to action gets the intended action from people and [rospects. That’s how it’s the most important part of any copy.

You don’t have to add unnecessary charade and shine in your copy.

However making great promises easily comes with a quality product. The key is rein in your horses and never go overboard with your claims. Be confident and bold regarding what you’re going to say in the offer.

The results come easy and naturally when the product itself is high quality. That way you know that you need not hesitate with what you’re saying.

THe pitch should come across as confident and readers should be able to sense the level of confidence you’re exuding. That way it makes it easy for them to believe what you have to sy.

Make only promises that readers read in full and build confidence as well.

Show Expertise & Authority

These testimonials and credentials that you’re bringing on board help you establish yourselves as an industry authority.

Support the expertise with credentials and offer what you can in your niche.

Trust from your visitors is the greatest thing that improves decisions in your favor. Nobody buys stuff from random people who they can’t trust olie.

Gain the trust of prospects first before you do anything.

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