Cloudways Promo code [coupon code] for 2020

Cloudways Promo code coupon for 2020

With the promo code we provide you, you can get $30 credits for cloudways hosting and use it free for 3 months.

With this coupon you get Cloudways managed hosting on any of the three possible servers: Digital Ocean, Vultr, AWS or Google cloud.

When you click on the link you will see an option that says Get started free. Click on that to get the trial.


On the next page activate the trial and enter the details to start the Cloudways account. 

So what is Cloudways good for?

High quality affordable hosting is one of the hallmarks of Cloudways. With SSD based servers you get a whole load of features that are going to help you. The security, expert hosting and other features are stand out compared to most other hosts. 


There are 5 cloud servers to choose from.

Php apps are supported

Unlimited number of websites are supported

1 click ssl installation

Managed backup and other security options


Cloudways is a scalable cloud hosting solution. With their application you can launch your site on 5 different managed servers as per choice. The plans start at a low price of $10 offering several features like reliability, great performance, support and ease of use.


24/7 support

With Cloudways you get 100% 24/7 support. This can help you solve problems as soon as they tend to happen. The support team doesn’t merely Google knowledgebase queries and paste off some generic reply to your problem. They know what they are talking about and that means you won’t be left hanging.

There are over 16000 customers from across the world.


Pay as usage

There are no strict contracts you need to fall under. With one click management you are only charged for what you’re using. The console lets you upgrade or degrade the server. 

Run as many applications as you want

With cloud server hosting you can run as many applications as you want on the server. There are over 15 supported applications to run. Also you don’t need any technical expertise to run this. 


Using several different web hosting providers over different years I have come to learn that managed WordPress hosting is one of the best bets you can do to make life easy.



The performance of Cloudways is great with 100% uptime. The average loading time also goes super low with this. As you know the loading times can be a big factor when it comes to how well sites rank.

You get all of that for under $10 per month. Which is a great deal in itself.


Feature rich cpanel

The cpanel is great and supports a number of great features. The UI is easy to understand the controls easy to learn.


For the price you get 1 gb ram, 1 processor, 256 GB ssd, and over 1 tb bandwidth. 


In addition to this, they also offer free website migration as well.


Summary Cloudways coupon and promo code

There’s another offer where you can get 10% off with Cloudways. 

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