Best appsumo deals [JANUARY] 2021

Best appsumo deals  10 AppSumo Deals in November 2020 1. ShortPixel ShortPixel is one of the best image compressions tools you will find online. It has saved tons and tons of GBs for people running WordPress sites ShortPixel is powered by technology that can compress images by over 90%. Whether it be jpeg, png, gif, […]

HostGator Black Friday Sale 2020 – 80% Discount

HostGator Black Friday Sale 2020 – 80% Discount On Hosting (Verified) Hostgator is a definite leader in the web hosting space. Because of the number of featurs and all the goods it provides its a chosen favorite of many bloggers and top marketers. With Hostgator black friday discount and sale offer you can get the […]

Best black friday web hosting deals in one place 2020

With Black Friday around the corner almost every web host on the planet offers deals and offers to make web hosting a no brainer for you. When you choose the right web hosting for your business, page load times go down. And black friday is the best time of the year to buy hosting for […]

How to have an editorial calendar on your WordPress blog

An editorial calendar helps you accomplish a number of things including staying organized and quickly understanding everything you need to write on. If there are guest bloggers on your site you have a quick view of everything else people are working on and stay organized in that respect. This post is all about showing you […]