Blubrry vs Buzzsprout podcast hosting 2021


Who’s a podcast hosting service for?

Those who want to start a podcast must start with a podcast host. The podcast host gives you RSS feeds to let listeners subscribe to the podcast. You can also submit these podcasts to directories.

Podcast files being audio files require both big servers and ample bandwidth for them to work properly. So a simple web host isn’t ideal to host these large files.

When comparing the two platforms, here are the features to know about first:


Blubrry started in 2005 as a podcast hosting service. Now, more than 100,000 podcasters use the service.


Buzzsprout was founded by Kevin Finn and Tom Rossi in 2008 and has over 100,000 customers till date.

Main features Blubrry

  • Blubrry uses the powerpress wordpress plugin
  • The professional statistics is IAB certified.
  • No fault overage charges. They allow 35% storage overage on plans
  • Free statistics
  • Offers audio and video play
  • Refunds if not happy

Features Buzzsprout

  • Statistics available
  • Unlimited storage
  • Monetization strategy
  • Book marking or chapter markers for users
  • Episdoe optimization
  • Magic mastering

Blubrry & BuzzSprout Comparison

Here’s more details into the comparison between Blubrry and Buzzsprout. This guide will help you decide which one to choose between the two.

Ease of use

The refers to both how easy the platform is to use on the frontend and the backend. This is done to attract customers to the service.


  • Blubrry is visually appealing and comes with multiple CTA options
  • A lot of information is presented on the site.


  • Clean and minimal design
  • One cta button
  • Easy to use navigation
  • Short-form content.

What is best

Buzzsprout is better. The focus is on delivering a better user experience. The landing page steers clear of distractions to say the least.


  • Support for both video and audio files
  • They a hosting integration in the form of a powerpress plugin. You can add 1 to 1000 shows on it. Once set up you can add media directly through the plugin with no advanced settings.
  • Statistics show up on all plans. It’s IAB certified.
  • If you have podcast but not advanced analytics then Blubrry offers free basic podcast statistics.
  • There’s podcast network tool
  • This helps you fine-tune podcast content and generates transcripts.
  • Private podcasting
  • Offer premium content
  • Supports unlimited bandwidth too.


  • There’s support for audio not video files
  • They use a WordPress plugin
  • Even the free plan offers advanced statistics
  • Episode optimization includes ID3 optimization
  • Use bookmarking or chapter markers
  • Magic mastering tool optimizes audio files and makes them sound good
  • Buzzsprout offers premium content
  • Offers unlimited storage

Both companies use great podcasting options. They use a Powerpress plugin to publish podcasts easily

Resources and Knowledge center

If you are ever stuck with something on Blubrry use the FAQ and resource centre to ask your queries and get unstuck.


  • The podcast manual covers all aspects of podcast monetization, distribution and promotion.
  • There’s no direct mention of FAQ section but some pages list FAQs. The YouTube channel covers Blubrry related hosting topics and updates it.
  • .


  • This is where buzzsprout shines. The blog is full of relevant information and sports a help section with how-to articles.
  • Buzzsprout’s Youtube channel covers similar topics and is updated each week.



  • The customer support team is reachable through the phone from 9am-5pm EST, Monday through Friday, for free.
  • You can also email them during business hours 7 days a week or schedule a video conference. I send them an email, and they replied in less than a day.


  • Ask their support team any question and you get a response in about 25 minutes or less. With emails support time is 5 minutes.


  • Blubrry offers promo codes for you to use.
  • They accept bank cards and PayPal payment.
  • Bulbrry offers complete refund if you’re not happy.

Buzzsproput offers support for card payments not PayPal.

Offers refunds.

Marketing and Sales Features 


  • Blubrry sports an advertising network
  • They have an affiliate program where you get one month of service for free for each customer you refer and add.


  • Buzzsprout’s affiliate program gives you 15% of their total purchase. The refer a friend program gives you and the referral each $20 Amazon credit.



  • No free plan but there’s a free month trial
  • 5 different plans
  • Pricing begins at $12 per month for 100 mb
  • The highest paid plan is $100 for pro hosting
  • 25% overage is factored in.


  • The free plan requires no credit card
  • Pricing starts at $12 per month and gives you 3 hours
  • The highest priced plan is $24 and is for 12 hours.
  • THe episode transcription fee is charged.
  • Except on free plan you get access to magic mastering
  • Overage hours range from $2 per hour to $4 per hour.

It does limit hours per month. For professional use Blubrry is an exceedingly good choice.

Podcast Player


  • The powerpress podcast plugin is used and ranked as the best plugin
  • Options like subscribe share, skip forward and back, change playback speed and more exist.
  • Thanks to powerpress podcast plugin the embed player is added to each post.
  • Customize colors to match branding


  • Features like subscribe, share skip forward and back
  • Customize information displayed, match colors to your own brand.
  • The waveform is at the front of each embed player. It looks cool.

With design Buzzsprout offers a more refined option than Blubrry. Coming to ease of use and utility, Powerpress wordpress plugin is the best plugin to use.


  • The interface is great
  • IAB compliant
  • Measures traffic sources, geographics, download numbers and OSes.,


  • Comprehensive data on offer
  • Measures performance over time and episode downloads
  • Gives you listener location data.


Both are professional tools that give you a great experience to boot. The features are awesome for anyone.

Buzzsprout seems a better choice for beginners though.

If you want to quickly start with a platform I’d go for Blubrry. Set up for beginners from scratch the service is great.

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