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Blubrry Podcast Hosting Features

Here’s the link to sign up

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Link to sign up.

Blubrry has a lot of features that make it an ideal platform to host your podcast.

You can host unlimited downloads with the tool

The platform is optimized for tune-ins and for podcasting

You can also convert the podcast into an audiobook video book and df

With a cdn integration the latency is the least which means your podcast starts playing in micro seconds not seconds.

Link to sign up.

Integrated html5  tech.

Id2 tagging

A detailed analytics platform shares the podcasting insights with you

The podcast statistics are revealed in the dashboard for you to see.

The podcasts can be scheduled to specific date or tie with the tool.


The support extends to not just WordPress but multiple CMSes

Link to sign up.

Blubrry on-site publishing

You can have a single point of presence by choosing your username as under

When you host podcasts you also need a podcast player on your site. Use the Fusebox podcast player.

It’s a genuine tool that lets you host  your podcast and drive lots of traffic to it. Also read my post on Answer the public keyword research review.

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