Best Chrome Extensions for SEO in 2021

Best Chrome Extensions

Extension #1: Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest’s Chrome extension presents you the keyword data from Google search results directly on the right hand side.

You also see related keywords data and information around those keywords right from the SERPs page. 

Export the data to CSV and click on the information heading marked as People also search and you will be take to UberSuggest main dashboard for the keyword you searched.

This information enables you to run keyword research at-a-glance from the SERPs.

Extension #2: Moz

The higher the domain authority of a domain is generally the better its rankings are.

The Mozbar Chrome extension tests the domain and page authority for any website and also its page authority at the individual level.

The extension is useful when browsing the web and understanding how and where potential competitors stand and you can go through their site to find their most authoritative pages.

Extension #3: Similar Web

Popularity dictates most things online.

Higher traffic doesn’t always translate to higher revenue but in most cases one might mean the other.

SimilarWeb gives you some of the most accurate traffic estimations for a site compared to anyone else.

WIth the Similar Web extension it’s possible for you to get traffic data without going to the site using the extension itself.

The first and foremost thing you’re going to notice with this extension is the traffic data for the last six months. It shows bounce rates, shows the average pages per visit and the visitor duration.

As you scroll you can see which countries the visitors come from.

You also see how the traffic is divvied up and which country has the highest share of traffic and which source makes for the highest share of traffic. It shows you the division by social media traffic, search engine traffic or even direct traffic.

Extension #4: Redirect Path

Redirect Path is n’t an extension known by everyone. However if you’re doing technical SEO you’re going to benefit a lot with it.

The URLs will change with time. And be it from a new permalinks structure or from deleting older content, the URLs will find themselves changing.

The Redirect Path shows you if the redirect path is broken or if it is working correctly.

Extension #5: Buzzsumo

Facebook is the largest social media site in the world with the potential to drive plenty of traffic back to your site.

As you go online you will read more and more articles and some of these articles are going to be on sites you directly compete against. You want to know how these articles stack up against yours. To know if they did well look at the shares, engagements and number of links through the Buzzsumo Chrome extension that readily gives you away all this data and more.

With the Buzzsumo extension it becomes easy for you to see the number of shares an article has got neatly tucked against each other. You can also see the most popular articles on a site based on social shares and backlinks.

This gives you the idea regarding content you need to start creating.

Extension #6: Meta SEO Inspector

Errors can cause traffic issues

Even small things like meta tags can play a role in rankings. So they need to be optimized.

With the Meta SEO inspector see if the meta tags are set up the right way.

The screenshot above reports errors.

So you know what’s missing on the page. Without which you’re not going to get enough traffic.

Extension #7: Check My Links

Redirect Path extension is similar to check my links. It’s great for anyone who spends time with technical seo, trying to analyze competition and gathering link data.

External links are not alone that can boost rankings.

Internal links are also important.

Check My Links will give you all the list of internal links when you’re browsing any page on your site or that of competitors.

THis will help you with an overview and you get details on the page as the extension highlights each link.

Extension #8: Pagespeed Insights

Load time doesn’t simply impact conversions it also plays a role in rankings.

With 60% of searches being done on mobile, the load time is more important.

Through the pagespeed insights extension you can quickly see what you need to do to improve things.

If you see something you don’t like click on need more and you get a detailed report.

If you see lot of errors you want to fix them to boost rankings.


Extension #9: SEO Minion

If you spend 010 minutes a day making changes you will see a huge impact on the traffic in a year. An easy way to get something done is through the SEO Minion extension.

You can quickly get up to task on broken links with SEO Minion.

This helps you get a list of what you have to fix on your site and you can find and replace broken links on other sites as well.

Another way to grow your SEO traffic is by translating your content into other languages.

The extension breaks down the hreflang data which is what you need to target other regions and languages.

You will get on page SEO data.

Extension #10: SEOquake

SEOquake is one of the best free tools that aggregates a bunch of data around your site. You get things like the Alexa rank, you get indexing information on Google and Bing and your SEMrush rank.

You can understand more like density of keywords and also on-site analysis.

The density report gives you a detailed overview of the most repeated keywords on a page.

You don’t have to worry a lot about keyword density today. But if you’re not adding enough keywords there’s a probability you won’t rank for the said keyword. The diagnosis lists the top on-page SEO elements you need to pay attention to on a page.

The most useful feature of SEOquake is when you do Google searches. You get information on each site that ranks.


Extension #11: Ninja Outreach

It doesn’t really matter the amount of on-page SEO you carry out on your site. You’re not going to rank well if you don’t build any new links to the site.

Manual outreach is the best thing you can do to build links. It’s going to be long drawn out.

A tool that can simplify this process is the Ninja Outreach tool. The extension lets you find all the email addresses associated with a domain.

Once you find a site, you can reach out to them for backlinks by getting their contact information. All you next need to do is create a custom email.

Extension #12: Keywords Everywhere

This is another popular SEO extension. Keywords Everywhere is great for anyone who wants to engage in keyword research.

Go to Google and add in any keyword you want to search. Keywords Everywhere shows a list of most relevant related terms that you can start using.

Export the list and gather a master list of keywords that you want to target. The data is inside Google instead of you going to a specific tool.

Extension #13: Fatrank

As seos we are deeply concerned about rankings. If you want a simple way to track rankings, start by setting up a project on FatRank. Install the fatrank extension and type the keyword to see if you’re ranking for the said keyword. If you rank for it, the tool discloses the exact position to you.

If you don’t you know you’re not in the top 100 for the target keyword.

Extension #14: Keyword Surfer

It doesn’t matter if you’re using UberSuggest, Ahrefs or even SEMrush, there’s something all of these tools have in common. As a a user you need them for keyword data, Keyword surfer makes it easy for you to get that keyword data through the Google interface. So as you search for something the global search volume as well as volume within the region is showcases.

In addition you get a list of suggestions and search volumes on the sidebar.If you scroll a bit more you see the number of backlinks each result has and you get to know how many links you need to rank well.


Mangools SEO Extension

Mangools SEO Extension is one of the newest and most powerful seo tools to track authority and site metrics. You get a powerful backlink analysis, on-page data and rank tracking.

You get aggregated data from their many tools like the KWfinder, the SERPchecker, LinkMiner and more on the browser and you can use these tools for running an indepth analysis.

The extension has integrations and features that can provide localized results and help you analyze links and the URL profile.


vidIQ Vision for YouTube

vidIQ is a great YouTube seo tool. If you want more views and subscribers thisis the extension to get.

vidIQ goes beyond analytics data and provides you with real insights into getting more views and subscribers on YouTube. You can do a channel audit to seewhat’s working and what’s not and you get insights into how ocmpetitors are performing.

This helps you generate more views on youtube.

With vidIQ’s chrome extension you can run channel audits, vidIQ score, competitor tool and get premium features and raise limits by upgrading to their paid plan.


10. Hunter

Hunter is a good tool to find email addresses with sites you add. You can see names, titles and social networks with key people on the site.

Serpstat Plugin

Serpstat is a complete seo platform that lets you conduct keyword research, do rank tracking, do backlink analysis, site audit as well as competitor analysis.

Serpstat provides free extension for website analysis in a single click. On page seo parameters, page analysis and domain analysis are key features.

You get data into top 10 keywords, traffic, domain visibility.

Page Analytics by Google

Google’s Page Analytics extension is a tool that lets you gather insights into how customers interact with your site.

The tool gives you data like where your users are clicking and the number of active real users in real time.

You see data like Pageviews, Unique pageviews, average page time and bounce rate.

Get Page Analytics for Chrome


WooRank Chrome Extension

SEO Analysis & Website Review is a Chrome extension from Woorank that provides in-depth seo report for any site.

When you click the Woorank extension, the tool opens up a menu with seo analysis including key stats like traffic estimates, traffic rank and Google ads traffic. You get on page data like meta and title tags.

Analytics UTM Builder

Google Analytics is the best tool to use to understand web traffic in a deeper manner. The analytics based UTM builder is an add-on with which you can tag urls for your GA campaigns.

For using the extension, click on UTM builder icon and the tool captures the url of the page. You need complete the form with source, medium campaign and more such details and can then track the URLS.


Lighthouse is a free to use seo chrome extension from Google. It audits URLs for you and provides you recommendations on what can be improved around performance, accessibility and seo of your pages on both desktop and mobile.

Link Grabber

Link Grabber lets you get urls from a webpage and add them to another tab. From which you can copy paste to a spreadsheet.

AMP Validator

AMP Validator is another useful tool that you can use along Accelerated Mobile pages The extension checks the amp validation for each page and reports if the page passes or fails the test. is one of the best URL shorteners that you can start using. It will let you shorten urls quickly and lets you track key stats around the number of clicks each link gets. When you use the extension you get the shortened url directly in the pop up window

24. SeoStack Keyword Tool

The SEOStack Keyword tool is a chrome extension that lets you search for and find long tail keywords very quickly.

The tool lets you generate plenty of keyword ideas from several search engines like Google Bing, YouTube and Yahoo and export that keyword data to a csv file.


You have plenty of options for SEO. You only need to find things that work well for you.

An easy place to start is with extensions I mentioned. You don’t need all of them. Read them again and choose the ones that you are most likely to use time and again.

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