Best blog promotion sites to get traffic and shares 2020

In this post we’re going to examine several different ways you can promote your blog posts on different channels to see which ones work best for you.


Use Facebook

Facebook is one of the best channels online for content promotion. The platform has over 2.32 billion monthly active users.

That number is only set to grow. WIth facebook groups you can access a ready audience and share blog posts and drive traffic immediately back to them.

WIth a budget you can scale the number of people who view the content. Set up an ad account to set the ads for you.



Instagram has only around 1 billion monthly active users. But since Facebook acquired Instagram they have a big and wide platform to target people with.


Compared to most other social media platforms organic engagement is still very much alive on Instagram and that means your posts are going to drive way more interactions.


Check the best photos and write captivating captions that grab user attention. With this you get more views and generate higher levels of engagement.

Place your link in the bio.



There are over 330 million active users on Twitter. There are many who use the platform on a daily basis.

Twitter is a popular channel for tweeting out content pieces and tweets garner retention as well. Twitter being such a dynamic platform is a great channel to air out news and views.




LinkedIn is also a promising platform. Probably that’s the reason Microsoft purchased the platform. Its a great and wholesome place for professionals to find each other and foster their network. It’s a great place to boost business and productivity as well.

LinkedIn caters to more than half of the traffic sent to b2b sites.

LinkedIn can or cannot be the best platform based on the niche. If you talk about workplaces this is a great place to promote the content.



It’s the second largest search engine just shy of 2 billion monthly users. Scores of bloggers have YouTube channels and it’s a platform where you can share tips and how to videos and get the most exposure for you.

With videos you attract a more visual learning apt students.



Quora is the number 1 destination on the internet where people ask questions and hope to find real answers.


Established very recently it has over 30000o monthly active users. The vast majority are professionals with good income and that means the channel is an advertising hotspot.




WIth Reddit you get a social sharing site where you can either upvote or downvote content based on your likes and dislikes.

WIth over 330 million monthly active users and one of the most visited sites online you get a high engagement that’s unparalleled. Each visitor spends close to 16 minutes browsing through the content.


There’s every possibility that if you don’t follow all the listed rules the over zealous community will ban you.


There are dozens of categories called subreddits. DOn’t try and see if you can get away with self promotion.

Email list

The money has always been on the list. Your list is the sum total of people who signed up through the subscription form and you can directly send links and content to.

These guys love your content and are most interested in finding out what more you’ve got to say in the future.

There’s a great chance of developing the relationship further and encouraging more and more action.

As someone serious with your online business building a list should be your priority. It’s a great way to promote your blog.

Subscribers then get a number of emails that sends them to offers and gives them avenues of purchase.


Guest post


Guest posting is an art where you create and offer to publish content on a third party site.

Guest posting should win the dual roles of getting a link and name on a high traffic site. Brands blog to generate traffic and recognition. So should you.

There are always smaller within reach sites that you can target with your pitches and get them to publish your content. Either way you get traffic and link juice to your site.



Pinterest is an extremely popular social media channel. Has over 56 million users in US. 

You can pin images and categorize them on boards and these images can be further linked to your site where you elaborate more on them.

Pinterest is a bookmarking site to save recipes and interesting ideas.

Fashion icons and statements.

The blogs you can promote are many. Use canva to edit the pictures and use great quality pictures on the channel.



Flipboard is a relatively novel bookmarking site. Has over 145 million users Flipboard lets you customize your feed via sharing your blog content.


Easy Retweet


eASY Retweet is a tweet exchange site where you get points for your own tweets for others and can use that to get retweets for your own tweets. You promote other people

S content and they do the same for you. Always get a great following with this tool.You can syndicate the rss feed of your blog as well, if you so wish.



Snapchat a social network, has 100 million daily users. A great deal of its target audience is teens. If you want a dedicated audience that spends 30 minutes of their day on the platform, this is the channel to be on

Promote blog posts and videos and showcase behind the scenes with this.


Pinterest groups


Pinterest is a fantastic channel that will help you boost the growth of your blog or business. With Pinterest you have access to specific groups where you can collaborate with niche influencers and promote content the way you want it to.

Group boards come with broad instructions on how to join the page.



Forums are another fantastic landscape to promote content in a grand way. It’s a splendid way to get people to notice you. Any niche has a group of dedicated people milling around it and that’s the same thing you can do to fuel the growth of your own site annd blog.

Forums are a great channel to help the larger community and not an avenue to spam. So promote the blog and post great information to things going.




Medium  free blog platform is a place for you to publish new content.

That means you can either publish new content or repurpose existing content as you like. With Medium stories can go different places.

Medium is a place to channelize content efforts and for collecting email leads as well.


Viral Content Bee


Viral content bee is a new platform for you where you can create a free account and start posting and sharing your blog content. Its a great link as well. You can also promote others’ content with this.


  1. Bloglovin’

Bloglovin is a social network where bloggers can cross promote content from each other. As you sign up you need to verify the site to get started. Follow bloglovin users and share posts. Connect the rss feed to put sharing on auto pilot.



Triberr is another great channel where post promotion efforts are multiplied by many times over. With Triberr you have a network of bloggers all of who promote each others’ posts. With these tribes your posts see more eyes and you can create a new tribe of your own or join tribes by others.

Tribe runners called chiefs decide if you can be part of the tribe. Always go for tribes with big following.



Its an RSS feed aggregator. With it you get to put together a collection of articles from all over the wrld. Add the blog’s rss to feedly so when people search for relevant keywords your site shows up.


With Zest you have a ready platform that provides an avenue to curate the best content. As a result zest sports 100000 different articles and links to podcasts and videos around marketing. It’s a true goldmine to both promote content and get new ideas.


Be a contributor to fan the growth of your own content.

Whenever you promote the content should be around social media, affiliate marketing SEO and others.



Outbrain is another paid platform where you can promote content that you like.

Outbrain is a paid advertising platform wherein your content is promoted on other websites. A small preview of the content with the link to your site will show up. You are charged for each click to the content and work on a budget based on the clicks.


Quuu Promote

Quuu Promote is is another way to promote content. If you want to go for paid promotion you need a monthly subscription plan starting at 40 dollars per month.


Use the interact Quiz Maker

The interact quiz maker is a tool that lets you create Buzzfeed quizzes to get people to sign up to your list or the site. There are three types of quizzes personality quiz scared and assessment quiz.

The quizzes can be created from scratch. Choose from 800 templates. THe paid subscription starts at 17 dollars per month.



Podcasts have exploded into the scene lately and all big brands and companies tend to have podcasts now. Its a great way to get the word out and communicate with people who may not have heard of you.

You can reach a new audience. Podcasts need time to get set up but the investment is worth the return you get. You become an authority. Its a fantastic strategy to win the trust of people.



Blokue is a content discovery platform for bloggers. Post blog links to blokube. After moderation it will go live and get you traffic.


We Heart It

We heart is an image heavy social network. You can post your beauty travel and photography pics on this site and get people moving.



Juxtapost is a content discovery platform that exhibits side by side content. Each image button shows a more like this cta that pulls out similar content for you. Its a collection of boards where you can invite people to collaborate.




Tumblr is microblogging social network. Almost all the content is generated by people and is unique and authentic. Tumblr is a platform for images and videos and other similar content .



Live journal is something you can use as an online journal where you record with private and public events of life. Its a digital diary that you can either open to public access or make it proate.


Slideshare is your one stop destination where you can create presentations, infographics and upload the same online. These documents should be helpful and will net you additional traffic and view

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