Best appsumo deals [DECEMBER] 2021

Best appsumo deals

 10 AppSumo Deals in November 2020

1. ShortPixel

ShortPixel is one of the best image compressions tools you will find online. It has saved tons and tons of GBs for people running WordPress sites

ShortPixel is powered by technology that can compress images by over 90%. Whether it be jpeg, png, gif, webp or any other ShortpIxel gives the best of both world.s

The paid plan starts at 4.99 dollars per month where you compress 5000 images per month. The appsumo deal is for a lifetime $49 and compress 15000 images per month.

The deal is a no brained.

Starting October 26 the deal goes live

2. can help you create by using the hundreds of templates available with them. THey also list 200 million media assets like pictures and animations for you to use.

There are also 1000 predesigned templates that customize the look and feel of videos as well.

Wave can cost $39 per month. The appsumo deal gives you lifetime access to Wave for $59

Missinglettr Postbox

Missinglettr Postbox is a customized content sharing community that lets you reach out to the target audience.

The tool gives you shares and likes from real people and not bots. This real audiences share the same kind of categories and blog about similar topics that you are invested in.

Missinglettr Postbox’s paid plans begin at $9 per month and with the deal you get the same at $59 per month

4. FreshStock

FreshStock holds out a lot of images and assets you can use for your content marketing campaigns. All the assets are from artists of repute all across the world.

FreshStock gives you access to stock vectors and templates that mimic real world. The flat rate subscription gives you access to quality and customizable graphics turned to any end you wish.

The lifetime access costs $69

Otherwise the pricing is $49 per month.

The deal is live since October 5


SmartTask is for those who want to manage and streamline their communication from a single place.’

If you want to collaborate and communicate from a single place, SmartTask is what you ought to be looking at. The tool simply gives you insights on what the other team member is doing and this is done at all times.

SmartTask organizes teams by goals and seamlessly allows anyone to use the interface to suit their work.

SmartTasks’ basic version starts at $6 per month. However the lifetime access is just $49

] Deskera

Deskera is for those want to manage invoicing and payroll services. It also integrates a CRM into it.

By taking care of invoices a lot of the mundane business tasks are now automated for you.

The lifetime access costs just $149


Tyle is a good image and video editor where you can load images and quickly create quality content and social media posts with stock files and images.

With Tyle you can create a quality video library with the template and use of royalty free images.

The access costs $49 per month.

The appsumo deal gives lifetime access for $50


The tool lets you proofread and edit your content and helps you optimized for SEO.

Every month, Appsumo comes up with a number of tools that can help you run your business. 

In addition to this, Briefcase by Appsumo offers a bunch of tools to help you grow your business as an entrepreneur.


Here are the best deals from Appsumo for the month of October and then you will find more deals as days go by.


Here’s the list of tools or sites that are the best deals on Appsumo according to me



It’s a collection of premium images and templates.

So this is created by designers at FreshPickle and gives you plenty of choice. With vectors and templates that run on flat rate subscription, unlimited downloads you get full assets for the project.

The full access is in general $49 per month. Lifetimeaccess is just $69 with this deal.

Starting October 5 the deal goes live


Smarttask helps you streamline communication and information exchange channels.

The platform helps you collaborate with a simple interface that offers you clarity. It helps you see what other team members are on. The goals are all easy to understand in that manner.

The basic version is $6 per month. The deal is for $49

3. Sales.Rocks

With sales rocks you can automate a lot of sales prospecting and outreach as well/

You can run customized email drip campaigns too.

It’s easy searching leads with hundreds of filters and data points. 

You can set up filters like geo location, region, industry code and customize size as well.

The lifetime access is $69 and the typical charges are 99 euros per month 2000 credits.

4. Sticker Mule

Sticker mule offers quality custom die cut stickers for you that are easy to order with fres shipping. The stickers are great for startups and businesses who want to brand themselves.

You can also get 50 3 by 3 stickers for just $9/ The normal cost would be $69

Pixlr uses AI powerd tools to provide edits and designs. The lifetime access is $49 and the typical rates are $7.99 per month.


Tyle is a smart video and image editor with which you can create quality images and content and post daily posts with stock resources.You can create quality content with a template and use the free image and video library. The tupicaly access is for $49 per  month but here its for one time $59


Scribe helps you create good cals to action and promotional campaigns for branding.

Scribe has ctas built inside the signature templates. So add the link and the title. PRomotional banners too are easy to create. Upload the image and add a link

The cost for Scribe is $6.9 per month. But with appsumo lifeitme access to scribe costs just $39

BIGVU offers a number of features: automated captions, editing, music insertion and a host of collaboration tools to create more slick content.

With teleprompter you can talk whatever you want to talk very clearly and the narration is translated to smooth storyboarding with captions.

The lifetime access is available for $69. The monthly payments would have had been $14.99 per month otherwise.



Pixteller’s set of tools consist of templates fonts and other visual assets to create graphics and animated videos.

With premade templates its easy for you to create custom graphics from scratch. You can use that on your blog on presentations and other materials. The lifetime access will cost only $49


The typical cost is around $7 per month. With Appsumo the lifetime deal is for $49 only.


Deal’s available starting September 2 2020




With Spott you have the opportunity of both creating and pushing interactive content to several different channels. Plus, you can track metrics to find if the content push was successful.


Create and track links on calls to action, other links and also on tagged products to encourage action from people on content.

The lifetime access is just $59 which is a steep discount from the monthly $49 it generally costs.


Better Uptime

Better uptime monitors your site for uptime issues and alerts you as soon as the site is down. The report comes with screenshots as well as a set of error logs to help you nail the issue. Monitor the site app or the store and alert the person in charge asap.

The cost is $30 per month and with Appsumo you can get lifetime access as well.

The price is $49


Attention Insight

Attention Insight improves the success of your site with analytics that gives more feedback to you as you hit publish. Attention insight helps you create heatmaps with the most important parts of design. The algorithm shows warm to cold colors of site to showcase areas that invite most attention. With lifetime deal the price is just $59



Linguix is powered by AI and works as a check tool for errors and looks at grammar, spelling style and vocabulary issues in your writing. The writing assistant helps you solve bad grammar and spelling issues too.

The lifetime access is for $49

The premium version generally costs over $8 per month.



Tyle is an video and image editor. With it create content for social media using the stock photos and files. The content can be created with a template using the royalty free image repository on the tool.

The lifetime access costs $59 while the monthly payment is $49 per month.

The deal value is high.



Clickminded is the name of an SEO course that helps you get real and great traffic by optimizing your site for relevant terms. Witht he course you get the most insightful examples into seo to help you understand the nuances and help you trudge foeward. You also get to know which tools should be used in today’s World.

The lifetime access costs just $149 

With the access you get the sales funnel course and access for 3 months to SOP library. The usual cost is generally over $2285



FindthatLead helps you find leads adn customers. With the tool you can search for prospects, save their details and verify them.

There’s also a chrome extension with which you can discover emails from a site or even from LinkedIn profiles. The emails are tested for legitimacy with findthatlead adn the email campaigns can be created and sent from findthatlead.

The lifetime access costs $49. Generally the plan costs you $49 for 5000 monthly credits. 

You get 2000 credtis with this plan that don’t expire.



Sendfoix is an email marketing automation tool for content creators. Send unlimited number of deeply customized emails. Sendbox is automated with customization and you can create beautiful and simple emails for this.

The lifetime access begins at $49

You can cover forms and crms to creating email marketing campaigns and also integrations. You can also create landing pages for the business and see how they are performing on the platform.

Here are discounts and deals around WordPress tools and plugins:


Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode


Coming Soon and Maintenance mode is a WordPress plugin where you crate professional sites. With coming templates raning over `70 there arew a number of elements to edit and track like progress bars, forms, Gmaps widgets and plenty of other elements too.

The lifetime access is for $39



Qubely is a rich Gutenberg editor with toolkit with which you cna build great WordPress pages. The qubely platform gives you control on site graphics, a number of interactive elements and other dynamic features as well.

The lifetime access is for $49

The single site licence is for $39

With 10 lifetime accesses cost $49



BuildBubbles helps you turn your text content to podcast episodes without high quality rrecording equipment. There are sound design tempaltes to customize sounds using voices and also music.

The basic plan starts at $9/.99 per month. And this is lifetime deal for $59


WP Scheduled Posts


Wp Scheduled posts is a WordPress plugin and editorial calendar that helps you create a proper content strategy and be more productive. 


Wp scheduled posts