Answerthepublic review and tutorial OCTOBER 2021

What is AnswerThePublic?

Answerthepublic is one of those must have tools in your arsenal that can help supplement your keyword research efforts.


People are searching for answers on Google in novel and surprising ways.


With tools like Answerthepublic you get deep insights into these queries. They’re formatted visually too in the form of a cloud.

Enter the topic and hit on search


The tool will find several relevant keywords in question format.

These are then categorized as what when who where why and how, adding contextuality into the questions.

There are multiple ways in which you can search for a topic with the tool.

  1. Questions

The results here are questions that append the following terms at the start: why, what, where, how, when, and can.


Next up are prepositions. They connect words together like for can and others.


Vr versus or and other related words are compared in this scenario.


In this sequence you get an alphabetical list of keywords from a to z.

  1. Related

Think of this as the long tail end of keyword research. You get access to a number of related and relevant keywords letting you generate keyword ideas.

How to use AnswerThepublic to research keywords.

Let’s start with the search bar.

You will first get questions. Click on get questions to generate a laundry list of questions you can use to bulk up your content.

This is what would come up in the Visualization tab:

You get a visual representation of the ideas. It looks great. But, I don’t like squinting my eyes that’s why there’s another more sensible approach to seeing the list of questions. 

That is in addition to the dizzying visual landscape before you, there’s also an option to generate a list of the keywords in textual format. That means there’s an easy way to view the keyword list.

The keyword wheel gives you a circular ring of keywords appended with how, where, what, why and who. This includes the main keyword that you entered while searching for the list of keywords. 

How to use this information:

There are plenty of ways to generate a digital copy of this information and use it to succeed online. There’s a download option, clicking on which generates a csv file with the keywords in them.

I would not recommend the next option since it tends to sponge up a lot of your time. If you wish to save the visual image click on Save image.

There’s an easier way to slice the visualization by clicking on the data tab on the keyword results and getting individual images for questions, prepositions, and others.

In addition to all this, if you want to hide a certain keyword list from downloading, there’s also the hide option.

With visualization there’s the additional benefit of knowing which keywords, phrases and questions are most popular compared to the rest of the keywords on the visual map.

The darker a green dot next to a keyword, the more popular it is.

Organize these results and decide which ones you are going to use.

To organize dump the keyword lists into Keyword Planner, UberSuggest or SEMrush to generate search engine volumes, CPC and organic keyword difficulty scores for each of these keywords.

The many benefits of using Answerthepublic for your keyword research

The tool holds several features and benefits. You just saw the tool in action. And now you can use it to generate a useful set of keywords that propels your content marketing efforts forward.

Even though the features don’t provide you with a boatload of insights into keywords, its a great tool to understand popular questions and build semantic relevance into your content marketing efforts.

Plus, it gives you hundreds of long tail keywords that you can add to your content. Once you do that, your odds of ranking high on search engines go up.

With long tal keywords in your content you improve your odds of ranking higher. This is highly important if you want more and more traffic to your sites.

The tool is great when you want to generate tons of ideas around a particular and use those variations inside your content.

With this tool, you have hundreds of useful ideas to blog about. The tool’s greatest benefit is in enabling you to craft content that’s full of niche keyword ideas.

Here are the benefits of using answerthepublic

  • The basic version is free to use and allows you to conduct a lot of free searches
  • The thickness of the green colored icon after the keyword represents how much the keyword is researched.
  • You can download the results as several image files or as a single csv file.
  • Download visualization into a single .jpeg file
  • Gives you variations of a core keyword into hundreds of long tail keywords. 
  • No sign up necessary.
  • Free course on how to use the tool
  • With the free version you’re limited to no more than 3 searches in a day.
  • The default language and location settings can’t be altered with the free plan.
  • No search volume numbers available with the free plan.

Answerthepublic is a hot tool for including variations. The greatest feature of the tool might be its help in helping you capture featured snippets for free.

How to capture featured snippets with answerthepublic

You must have seen a few Google search results at the top of the SERPs page fitted inside a content box. They’re called the featured snippets and ranking for those can increase your traffic and siphon of 33% of the ctr for the said keyword.

The featured snippet steals some content from a ranking blog post (1 to 10) and uses it to create the content for the snippet box. The box often directly answers a question typed into the search field.

If you search for top bloggers/ or top blog tips the featured snippets answer the questions.

Also being featured on a snippet gets more views to your answers and more number of click throughs.

To capture featured snippets with Answerthepublic here’s what to do

1. Use popular questions from Answer the public

The darkness of the green dot gives you a good idea and overview of the popularity of a keyword. Based on the popular questions, you may want to integrate a few into your blog content.

The questions are in plenty so you may want to phase out your content in phases. Say phase 1, 2 and so on. So that you can use up most of the popular questions. You shouldn’t definitely never use up all the possible questions in one blog post itself. Create a series of blog posts each answering a few questions.

You may be able to answer several questions like how tools for bloggers help generate traffic, how to get more traffic, how to get traffic from quora on your post about getting traffic to a blog.

2. To rank for snippets do this.

Its not possible to rank for search snippets if you’re not following the format below.

Use only h3 headers for important subtopics. They have the biggest odds of getting you the covered featured snippet spot.

  • Below the h3 headers, write out your answers as paragraphs.
  • The answers should also not be more than 50 words in length.
  • If making a list, keep it at seven so that the featured snippet completely captures whatever you want to say.

Capturing voice searches with Google

Google assistant, apple’s SIRI are the window to a new trend. That of searching the web with your voice alone. Voice based search is on the rise and won’t be going down any time soon.

A lot of people are using voice search and currently 20% of queries are being powered by voice. That doesn’t take into account searches conducted on Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant.

They are longer because people can speak for long. The queries exhibit a conversational nature which means the content we create too should be conversational.

The queries are detailed and specific and as such users get more accurate answers. Voice searches are longer compared to normal text based searches.

With answerthepublic you can find a lot of long tail keywords to frame your content around how people search.

You know the questions they are asking and its easy to input those questions into your content to powerpack them.

Since when using voice search people strive to be grammatically correct you cannot skip on prepositions, slangs or conjunctive words. All of these need to find their place in the content you create.

Tip #2: Answer specific questions

When you create content answer specific questions in detail. Give out details and full fledged answers so your readers can find value in your content.

AnswerThePublic Pro version benefits

There are several benefits attached to the pro version of Answerthepublic.

The pro version lets you conduct unlimited searches for $99 a month. You can customize options like language and location for the searches as well.

The images too are in high resolution. You can add unlimited team members to workflows.

If you have team members, conduct tons of research for a lot of blog posts the pro version is your answer. You can use the link to get started.

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